A panel packaging machine for EPS,SANDWICH the joints

It is meant to deform the arcuately curved wall II as shown in Physique 4 during the installation of the glass panel I through a instrument or maybe the like as at I’8 using a aimed segment I9 for fascinating the core portion of the wall structure I I and sad and flexing mentioned wall surface in order to force the sameinto the key section |4 from the launching I3. The resource I8 is provided by using a manage 20 to assist in the manipulation thereof and mentioned instrument is supplied with a curved part 2| conforming fit on the curvature between the central segment I4 in the starting as well as the swollen part I4 thereof (Figure 4). arcuately curved wall surface I I is forced into mentioned launching I3, among the mouth I2 will probably be flexed from the path and positionshown in Physique 4 so as to facilitate the installation of your glass Dane or panel I. If the tool I8 is introduced, the sealing lip I2 assumes its standard place as proven in Physique 2 in an attempt to hold the pane or panel I beneath a small anxiety by reason of the point that the lips I2 are guided inwardly and generally shaped this way. It will hence be seen that the lips I2 will likely be presented slightly spaced when the pane or panel I is loaded as proven in Physique 2 to be able to position the arcuately curved wall structure II within small compression which can be enough to result in mentioned lip to keep in place and prevent the lateral displacement in the glass pane or panel I.

The sealing strip 5 has been deformed by inflating the longitudinally extending passageway I3 by subjecting the same to air under pressure by any conventional device, such inflating devices being well known as, for example, for inflating basketballs, the and footballs like, as shown in Figure 4a. If the securing strip is deformed as displayed in Physique 4a, the arcuately curved wall surface I1 is flexed to withdraw certainly one of all the closing lip area II and I2 from the normal place displayed -in Shape 3 to ensure the window pane or panel I might be put to the groove I0 without using clamping or positioning units that has heretofore been the normal custom.

Once the glass pane I is placed along with the longitudinal passageway or launching I3 is deflated As the inside a change approach to the cost of living, by any conventional gadget as previously mentioned, said closing strip will believe a job shown in Body 2 in an attempt to increase the risk for lips I2 to contactuall take part the window panel I and eal the joints involving the panel participant 6 and pane ‘I.

The sealing strip will be deformed in a manner similar to the showing in Figure 4 and the inner wall I6 will be deformed so as to assume a position within the extruded portion of the opening as at I4 if the longitudinal opening I3 is evacuated as by means of creating a suction therein.