A panel packaging machine for EPS PANEL


The arcuately curved wall surface amounts 43 are like the curved wall surface section I1 and are modified to become flexed just for applying parallel windows solar panels orpanes 44 with their sides disposed within the grooves 31 as demonstrated in Shape 5. If the windows solar panels or panes 44 are put, the arcuately curved walls 43 are flexed by means of a tool as displayed in Physique 4 to make the curved wall surface 43 in to the curved segment 4| of your launching or passageway 40 or by inflating the opportunities or passageways 40 as proven in Figure 4a to cause the wall space 43 being flexed and deformed to an expanded position whereupon the mouth 38 will be disposed from the pathway from the panes or solar panels 44 to allow the straightforward placement thereof.

In both kinds of the technology of panel packing, the arcuately curved walls l1 and 43 think a curved normal cause and position the securing mouth area I! and 38 to contactually take part the glass seal and panels the identical against the entrance of humidity and also Weather conditions. It can thus be observed that this arcuately curved wall space 43 and I1, during times of their unflexed or typical placement, push a force in the closing mouth area. I I2, 38 and I with out demanding the use of interlocking pieces or other devices for attaining this goal.

It is usually to be recognized that this sorts of the invention of panel packing herewith shownand detailed need to be undertaken as desired embodiments of the same and that different alterations might be created in the shape, arrangement and size of pieces without departing in the soul in the technology of panel packing or maybe the range of the subjoined claims.

A Few Things I state is:

1. A panel wrapping machine, comprising an elongated system section of elastic deformable material using a groove for getting the fringe of a panel associate, said entire body portion being entirely designed in cross-section and with a resilient groove wall surface to normally take part and frictionally gripthe fringe of explained panel fellow member, and explained physique section being provided with a longitudinally stretching out atmosphere-limited starting forming an elongated closed oxygen chamber disposed adjacent explained groove wall to allow flexing of said groove wall to result in deformation of mentioned groove and facilitate placement of explained panel member by which saidpanel will be irictionally locked in explained groove once the body portion is reconditioned to itsnormal long term cross sectional condition in response for the restorative push applied thereon with the oxygen pressure in mentioned air flow holding chamber.

2. A panel packing machine for weatherproofing the joints involving the nearby edges of a set of panel people, comprising an elongated system segment formed of rubber using a completely formed cross segment, said physique section simply being created with oppositely disposed longitudinally stretching grooves for receiving the nearby corners of panel people, and mentioned body portion getting provided with a longitudinally stretching starting possessing a reduced part extending involving stated lines along with an increased portion developing an arcuately curved wall portion adjusted to be deformed into stated opening to distort mentioned lines and aid the insertion and removal of explained panel participants.

3. A packing-and closing strip for weatherproofing the joints between the surrounding corners of a couple of panel people, comprising an elongated entire body portion shaped of silicone using a forever molded cross segment, stated physique segment getting established with oppositely disposed longitudinally extending grooves for getting the adjacent sides of panel associates; and mentioned physique segment getting provided with a longitudinally stretching opening developing a lowered segment stretching out among mentioned lines along with an increased segment forming an arcuately curved wall segment modified to be deformed into mentioned opening to distort’said lines and facilitate the insertion and removal of explained panel associates, mentioned lines simply being established with inwardly directed wall space to generally engage and frictionally traction the edges of mentioned panel people.