Function characteristics for packaging line

The packaging line in Fhope

Suitable for: ampoule bottle, schering bottles and other small round bottle of high-speed accurate labeling, vertical transport of materials and screw points is particularly suited to small circle of unstable materials. Rotary roller wheel at 3 o ‘clock location to ensure accurate and stable high speed labeling functions. Star wheel device, ensure that can accurately detect when high-speed operation and orderly rejecting wrong materials.
Function characteristics:
1. The feed screw and flat-top chain with rotary stretch wrapper roller rotary table, ensure the bottle feeding smoothly in the process of the labeling and high-speed precise operation.
2. The disc operation guarantee the accuracy of the precision of labeling and bottle location tracking, can guarantee the running at a high speed accurate detection and orderly rejecting wrong materials.
3. Video detection device offers a variety of detection, such as tag labeling detection, leak detection and print content, etc.; Nonconforming product will be removed
4. Optional heat printer, thermal transfer printer or spurt the code machine synchronous complete code and labeling
5. The operation of the equipment status and alarm information can be real-time reflect in the system
Technical parameters:
Bottle size: diameter Φ 10 to 30 mm (diameter changes may need to replace the screw and the rotary table)
Labeling speed: 500 m/min (continuous label)
Labeling accuracy: + / – 0.5-1.0 mm (depending on the specifications and bottle label size)
Working pressure: 0.4-0.7 Mpa (excluding and printing equipment use)
Power and total power: 220 vac plus or minus 10% 50 hz 2.8 Kw
Size: (L) x 2208 (W) 1420 x 1948 mm (H)

automatic production line and corresponding packaging

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Machine for packaging

Suitable for: cosmetic, medicine, food and other light industry sector, in the square and special-shaped round bottle labeling.
Function of stretch wrapping machine characteristics:
1. The correct positioning, ensure flat bottle, square bottle and special-shaped bottles of neutral;
2. Use the roll wheel helped the organization: effective guarantee on elevation accuracy;
3. The imported servo motor control: to ensure the send the features of high precision operation;
4. Adopt world famous brands imported electrical components: to ensure the stability and reliability of the whole machine.
Technical parameters in coil packaging line:
Material size: phi 28-120 – mm
Labeling speed: 300 bottles/min (related to material and label size)
Labeling machine accuracy: + / – 1.0 mm
Dimension: (L) x 3000 mm (W) 1420 x 1500 mm (H)
A, the main performance and structure features:
Adopts electronic weighing method, packing weight more precision, lower production cost.
1, in both Chinese and English touch screen display, intuitive, simple.
2, PLC computer control system, running more stable, don’t stop any parameters adjustment.
3, adopt servo motor to pull film, more accurate positioning.
4, independent temperature control system, the precision can reach 1 ℃ (plus or minus)
5, packaging, style diversity, back closure, Angle, even the bags, punching, etc.
6, the production of bag making, sealing, packing, date printing one-time finish.

vacuum coil packaging machine

Technical features: this series of vacuum coil packaging machine has the function of vacuum pumping, sealing, printing, cooling the complete, vacuum packing is suitable for food and drug, aquatic products, chemical raw materials, electronic components and other products to prevent oxidation, mildew, corrosion and moisture products, durability, preservation, prolong the storage period of products.
Electric four head bottle brushing and stretch wrapping machine, bottle bottle brushing machine, beer bottle bottle brushing machine use and the use scope:
SP series electric bottle brushing machine is necessary equipment, beer, juice, soda liquor, sesame, sesame oil, honey and other narrow mouth bottles and jars brush bottle. Applicable to a variety of different specifications of the bottle shaped, wide range, strong applicability, low failure rate, less wearing parts etc.. The machine has the advantages of convenient operation, economical and practical. The use of the equipment can make workers liberate from the heavy manual brush bottle thoroughly in operation, greatly improving the production efficiency. The series of products are the most ideal bottle washing work products, has been widely used in domestic small and medium sized enterprises.
The structure and working principle of:
This wrapper machine is composed of a machine body, a motor, a brush shaft operation platform, the outer brush, brush, foam bottle groove in the main parts. This machine all parts adopt national standard material, the design is reasonable, simple and beautiful shape structure, convenient operation and repair.
When working in the brush rod will be put into the brush shaft with screw fastening hole. Then start the machine, the inner brush to rotate in the brush shaft drive, the inner brush the bubble good bottle by hand to promote the alignment turning in, (a person to operate two bottles at the same time) when the inner brush contact with the bottom of the bottle and then pushed out bottles, repeated several times, until the bottle has brushed again put the bottle to release the hand let simultaneously hold bottle, bottle brush, brush drive spins the bottle when the bottle brush outside, inside and outside all brush can be a good brush bottle to pass to the next process.
The main technical parameters:
Product name: electric bottle brush machine
No.: SP-
Efficiency: 1000-1200 bottles / hour
Brush speed: 350? /
Applicable to the bottle height?:30-390 (mm)
Applicable to the bottle diameter?:20-150 (mm)
Motor power: 0.55KW/220V
Suitable bottle, narrow mouth bottles and jars
Pressure?:0.2 (Mpa)
Size: 850- 900-980CM
Net weight: 60kg

modify the parameters for stretch packaging

stretch packaging line
stretch packaging line

The custom processing: function: filling, filling, sealing, metering, molding packaging containers, coding, coding
Brand: Xinjie type: Stretch wrapping machine
Voltage: 220/380 (V) power: 1.7 (Kw)
Packing film width: 80-160 (mm) bag size: 80*70 (mm)
Packing speed: 35-80 (bags / minute) weight: 250 (kg)
Size: 1000*750*1800 (mm) packaging materials: composite materials
Packing: Automation: automatic pouch
Applicable objects: hair care, skin care category, cosmetics, cleaning, washing supplies, all kinds of sauce, corn applicable industries: food, chemical industry, daily chemical, medicine
Material type: particles
This model’s advantage:
1 without air supply and air pump, machine self supply power, save resources.
2 the filling precision is high, the filling machine accuracy than ordinary pneumatic high control accuracy, computer.
3 adjusting canned quantity is convenient, fast, computer control, computer control and regulation.
Drip proof 4 machinery.
In this model a machine dual (double). Widely applicable to quantitative small packing filling all kinds of oils. Mechanical and electrical integration design, equipment using, high / low speed oil model, to ensure that no overflow of oil filling, is unique in China; computer precision is better than 0.3% (error is generally less than 5 grams); a self-contained power, no need to configure the air compressor, the northern winter environment (liquid state) also can work normally; electronic induction pot position, automatic oil; keyboard set quantitative filling, convenient and quick. Especially suitable for 0.1-20 liters of packaging.
Applies to products: oil, brake oil, lubricating oil, edible oil, detergent, etc. all kinds of oil filling,pallet wrapping.
Performance parameters:
The parameter name unit remark
Number 2
Filling range L 0.1~20.0
Quantitative error% less than or equal to 0.3%
Rated voltage of V 380VAC
The filling speed of 20 liters | minutes *2 Road
Rated power kW 1.5 * 2
Work with:
* if after the operation has not returned to the waiting state, can press [return] back to the waiting state.
* if the input parameters are incorrect, press [reset], re input.
* enter parameter setting interface, if you don’t want to modify the parameters, press [return] can go back to the waiting state.
* after calibration are not allowed, can check whether removing the bottle tare, and re calibration.
* the instrument correction coefficient = actual weighing number / set number * original instrument flow coefficient
The matters needing attention
1 in order to equipment normal use please install in ventilated and dry place and ensure power supply rated voltage range.
2 before using equipment shall be installed as required grounding.
3 if the need to open the strong box, you must first turn off the power.
4 operating personnel, long out of the equipment should turn off the power switch and circuit valve.
5 the thunderstorm weather minimize equipment use, to prevent the lightning.
6 the contents of this manual is strictly prohibited reproduced, plagiarism!
Operating instructions:
3.1 modified quantitative (note the quantitative cannot be 0)
3.1.1 in the waiting state display left definite quantity XXX, right quantity XXX, then press [quantitative].
3.1.2 press the [digital] modified quantitative, then press [OK] to save the return.
3.1.3 if there is no need to save, can directly press [return] quit.
3.2 see barrels
3.2.1 boot, in a wait state, press the [barrel], shows the history has been issued a number of barrels.
3.2.2 press the [reset] can be restored to zero [return] quit.
3.3 oil
3.3.1 in the waiting state display left definite quantity XXX, right quantitative XXX.
3.3.2 press the [start] or touch the “micro switch”, began oil.
3.3.3 only when the left and right oil and stop will return a wait state.
3.4 modify the parameters for stretch packaging
3.4.1 in a wait state, press the [function].
3.4.2 press the [digital] selection of parameters to modify the page, press [function].
3.4.3 press the [digital] to modify the parameters, and then press [OK] to save.
The displayed value of 3.4.4 modified the parameters, press [OK] or [return] back to the waiting state.
3.5 calibration
3.5.1 oil again, this time to get the actual weight of the weighing.

Stretch wrapping machine and technical

Development of film making-bag machine is favored

Plastics machinery has become a tradition in mechanical manufacturing industry in our country one of the fastest-growing part of the industry, and the annual demand is gradually increasing.

Chinese plastic stretch wrapping machine rapid growth due to:
1, China’s plastics processing industry high-speed development. Market demand for plastics is high, led to rapid development of plastic machinery;
2, traditional plastics stretch wrapping machine has been unable to meet market demand, high technological content of new plastics machinery is gradually replacing the traditional plastic machinery.

Plastic bag making machine has the following characteristics:
1, reasonable structure, smooth running, long service life.
2, temperature control, adjustable speed, electronic temperature control, hot and temperatures can be set arbitrarily, and therefore also suitable for all kinds of material, thickness of bag production.
3, material limitation, specifications can be adjusted, the choice of high-and low-pressure polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, degradable plastic film, such as raw materials, producing a variety of colors, a variety of thicknesses and widths and various vest bags and flat pocket, the length of common plastic bags such as garbage bags, also can produce a variety of special-shaped bag.

Plastic film bag making and pallet wrapping machine industry in our country to the high speed development of initiatives. Development of the plastic processing industry for plastic film bag making machine industry in China’s development brings two advantages: one is to increase the export volumes of the product; the second is to the introduction of advanced manufacturing technology, including overseas investors to joint ventures and wholly-owned business brought about by the advanced manufacturing technology. Plastic bag making machine has the following characteristics:

New year and new stretch wrapping machine

25 years of ups and downs, 25 years of hard work and innovation, we have gone through a hard road, road of hope. Electric control equipment factory developed to the North of stretch  wrapper packaging equipment co. Facing the new century, new economy, new challenges, and we are still a long way away. Special thanks to each and every employee of the company by the diligence and innovation and to thank all the people for long-term care, concern and support.

Our company is located in the Yangtze River Delta hinterland, 140KM West of Shanghai, Hong Kong, South huning Highway, West of Xicheng Expressway, Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge in the North, only 3KM from the highway exit along the Yangtze River, the geographical position is superior good. And the landscape is beautiful, prosperous economy.

Companies adhering to the “pursuit of excellence and innovation” concept, professional production of various kinds of soft stretch wrapping machine packaging equipment, including film blowing machine, bag making machine, slitting stretch machine, folding machine, wrapping machine, cutting machine and so on. Product quality has reached the domestic leading level, market covering most parts of the country, and has been exported to Thailand, and Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia, Egypt, and Kuwait, Middle East, Russia and Africa, becoming a strong power of national industrial upgrading.

Today’s knowledge economy, manufacturing for stretch wrapper is no longer a pure, pursuit of functionality to meet in the traditional sense, but rather a synthesis of art, full of innovation and passion. We will be excellent quality, attentive service and professional team works with you to create the glory and the dream we all share.
In the field of the development of non-woven fabric machinery two favorable conditions are created on: one is good for exports; the second is conducive to the introduction, including foreign-funded joint ventures and wholly-owned enterprises to China brought about by the advanced manufacturing technology. My company is a non-woven fabric bag making machinery production enterprises, export value has skyrocketed over the years.
Is the bag for domestic demand increases, demand for non-woven fabric bag making machinery, supply;
Second, brought about by the demand for high technology packaging machine equipment upgrading of equipment and the Elimination of obsolete equipment. Statistical data can be seen, the growth of output of non-woven products lead to increased sales of non-woven fabric bag making machine. Non-woven bag industry good prospects, will continue to be my main motivation to high-speed bag making machine industry development of the company.

lighting and stretch wrapper

Ming Sen, Shanghai industrial stretch wrapping machine equipment limited is a professional manufacturer of coil control industry are well-known enterprises. To improve domestic coil processing equipment and level of automated production line! The company’s products include: automatic deviation correction control system, automatic dedusting system for tension control system, coil, coil control products such as viscosity control systems. Can be widely used in various industries for coil processing equipment and production lines, such as printing, paper, packaging, hygiene products, metallurgy, textiles, non-woven cloth, wire and cable, rubber tires and other industries. Business across the country, has set up an Office in Shenzhen, Wuhan.

Agent of the company’s Italy ST (Selectra) SG-9000-correcting control system of rectification system is Italy Selectra newly developed advanced products. The product accumulated Selectra 45 printing control system of technical experience, ensuring SG-9000 correction system of high technology and high precision, high stability. The products have been exported to all over the world, winning praise from a wide range of clients.
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Stretch wrapping machine system characteristics

System using high-speed microprocessors, modular, digital, intelligent circuit design;
Advanced program design, human interface, LCD LCD display;
Circuit protection design of high performance components and improving continuous and stable operation of the system;
Control system response time of less than 0.01 seconds;
System accuracy up to 0.01mm;

Taxonomy: unwinding and corrective mechanism in the correction system, road-(can be customized).
Detection mode: check edges, lines or (fixed or active sensors can be used).
Applicable industries: printing, packaging, nonwovens, textile, rubber, metallurgy, and so on.
Application of coil: roll paper, film, foil, film, leather, non-woven, woven and coiled materials.
Used equipment: printing: flexo, gravure printing machine, offset printing machine, business form printing, die-cutting machine, cutting machine;
Package: cutting machine, laminating and stretch wrapping machine, inspection machine die cutting machine, coating machine, film blowing machine, coating machine, bag making machine, etc;
Non-woven fabric: sanitary napkin production line equipment, sanitary pads, baby, adult diaper machine, medical dressing line and so on.