A orbital wrapping machine to create steel handling operation

According to the arrow f111, in the second part of the packaging line, the single stack of rolls R is released by the fork lift truck 105 onto a conveyor 111 which feeds it. In an beneficial embodiment an initial orbital wrapping machine 113, drastically comparable to orbital the wrapping machine 71 shown in FIG. 6C, is situated across the conveyor 111. The wrapping machine 113 wraps the package of rolls before it is transferred to a palletization station 115, substantially equivalent to the palletization station 73. Right here, with people comparable to individuals explained inside the illustration of embodiment in FIGS. 6A-6E, the bunch of moves R is raised to set a pallet P thereunder. Yet again evolving over the packaging collection, the set up shaped of your pallet P with the bunch of rolls R at the top, is inserted in to a further more wrapping station 117, considerably comparable to the last wrapping station highlighted in the earlier embodiment.

FIGS. 9 to 16 schematically show the dealing with section of the coil upender, the principle mechanical components of which were defined hereinbefore.

In FIG. 9 reference number 150 schematically represents and indicates an Ethernet community that a plurality of pcs are connected. Specifically, from the diagram in FIG. 9, guide amount 151 indicates the first laptop or computer to deal with the winder 3, reference point variety 152 signifies a pc combined with rewinder 21, inclusive of unwinder in the reels B, guide quantity 153 signifies your personal computer to regulate positioning in the longitudinal reducing instruments and also of the product33 and 35, 37 to put together the winding mandrels, put them from the machine and extract them in the done reels, reference point amount 154 shows the system hosting server and research figures 156 and 155 suggest two personal computers for managing the packaging range. Specifically, the pc 155 controls the robot 61, even though the personal computer 156 handles the rest of the gear from the packaging series.

All the pcs 151-156 is associated with a family member data base suggested with 151A for that computer 151 and coherently with 155A, 154A, 153A, 156A and 152A for the leftover computer systems 152-156. These can reside in the single computers, or can be part of a database residing in the network server. Every single database 151A-156A will have architecture suitable for its distinct goal.

FIG. 10 demonstrates once again schematically how Ethernet community 150 reciprocally joins a plurality of PLCs (Automated Logic Controllers) associated with the a variety of gadgets in the coil upender. Specifically, a PLC 157 to manage the winder, a PLC 158 to manipulate the rewinder, a PLC 159 to manipulate placement of your blades or any other resources for longitudinal decreasing of the online substance, a PLC 161 to control the product to get ready the mandrels with the specific winding cores, PLCs 162, 163, 164 to control the packaging range plus a PLC 165 to manage the mandrel extractor are coupled to the network 150. The numeral 166 schematically shows a PLC connected with one of the exchange shuttles 11 and 167 signifies a transmission board through the web server to the PLC 166 aboard the shuttle 11.

A coil upender to generate 90 degree steel coil turnging

Within an substitute embodiment, the coil upender comprises a dealing with robot made and situated to grab (i.e. directly from the shuttle) single moves situated using the axis thereof around horizontal and swivel these people to drive them to some placement with all the axis thereof roughly straight.

Further advantageous embodiments and possible additional characteristics of the coil upender according to the invention are indicated hereunder with reference to some non-limiting embodiments and in the appended claims.

According to a specific aspect, the invention also relates to a robot for handling rolls of web material, particularly although not exclusively for use in a coil upender of the above type, comprising an articulated arm, movable according to a plurality of numerically controlled axes and supporting a suction head. According to a possible embodiment, the suction head has a surface for gripping the rolls substantially flat in shape and approximately semi-circular. Advantageously, the suction power head can have suction locations that may be triggered selectively like a function of the diameter in the roll to become dealt with.

The suction areas are formed of substantially semi-annular portions, in fluid connection with a suction duct, according to a preferred embodiment of the invention. Also supplied are choice participants to selectively hook up stated considerably semi-annular portions to the suction power duct. The assortment members are able to make up a control device.

Within a further more embodiment, the top of your robot may have a plurality of personal-shutting valves, associated with a suction duct and located with all the suction power aspect towards gripping surface of the suction mind of your robot. The personal-closing valves could be built with individual close-away from participants which close the valve when there is no area of any roll to get interested by way of stated brain facing it.

In the especially favored embodiment in the innovation, a sensing unit to initialize suction power once the head is in closeness to some roll is associated to mentioned brain.

Description Of Your Sketches

A coil upender to generate 90 degree coil turnging

Things AND Breakdown Of THE Creation

According to a first aspect, the invention relates to a coil upender and a method which overcome, entirely or in part, at least some of the drawbacks mentioned above.

In substance, according to a first aspect, the invention provides for a coil upender to produce rolls of web material, comprising in combination at least the following components: a machine to generate the internet substance; a winder, which varieties reels of website substance coming from mentioned production machine; an unwinder to relax one reels of website fabric manufactured by mentioned winder; a small grouping of tools for longitudinal slicing in the internet material, to split said internet substance into strips, with participants to place stated instruments within a transverse course with regards to the route of give from the website material; a rewinder, to rewind the single strips into rolls; a series for packaging the moves; at least one shuttle to transfer the teams of moves established by said rewinder-cutter in the direction of mentioned packaging line; an details coil upender for incorporated management of explained parts of the coil upender.

The coil upender might be monitored in an included way through the info coil upender, steering clear of the requirement to independently deal with different processes for example winding, reducing and rewinding, and packaging.

The information coil upender comprises a network server, a database containing information concerning process and/or control data; a plurality of computers associated with the components of the coil upender; a local network connecting said server and said computers, according to an advantageous embodiment.

According to an advantageous embodiment, associated with the rewinder is a device to prepare the winding mandrels of the rolls, fitted on which are winding cores with dimensions and positions corresponding to the positions and dimensions of the single rolls to be produced, said device being connected to said local network.

Within an helpful embodiment, the fishing line for packaging the rolls includes a robot for coping with the rolls. Explained robot may be controlled to get solitary moves from mentioned a minimum of one shuttle and spread them on one pallets. Additionally, ways to show and different the single rolls may be provided. If required, to facilitate gripping of the rolls by the robot, the rolls are unloaded from the shuttle onto a coil upender which allows individual feed, having first performed upending.

A coil upender to generate 90 degree turnging

unwinding, cutting and rewinding,

packaging, labeling and palletizing method.

These three procedures are separate from the other person, and therefore for complete generation different generation information needs to be came into for the winding stage, for your following slicing and rewinding phase and for the last packaging stage.

The upender user in charge of the fishing line should for that reason manage the three manufacturing functions independently, must enter the production parameters on the distinct control panels many times, have to handle the single production processes about the solitary control stations and, each and every improvement in production, must replicate all the programming from the a few separate processes.

This calls for sizeable management and programming instances and the demand for a number of folks to manage and deal with the entire procedure, especially in the initial set-up and creation alter techniques. Furthermore, the requirement to key in info a few times increases the potential risk of problem in the course of going into from the generation variables about the 3 diverse managing coil upenders.

The presence of about three independent creation procedures causes it to be extremely hard to optimize the processes as a purpose of the required parameters (minimization of occasions being a function of the kind of product or service as well as other factors), and can make it difficult to continuously validate manufacturing on all of the machinery, control the traceability of merchandise and so on. These procedures are currently executed immediately with the operator, and as a result the production quality and quantity is dependent on the specific expertise of each and every owner.

A coil upender to create handling

The rewinder is equipped with a coil upender of counter and blades-rotor blades or some other longitudinal decreasing tools. These are positioned transversely with regards to the route of give of your online materials, based on the size of the strips to become acquired by slicing the world wide web fabric through the reel. Various coil upenders have already been analyzed for intelligent placing the rotor blades as a purpose of the content being generated. An illustration of this system to execute stated location is described in EP-A-1245354.

Winding mandrels, which tubular winding cores, related in position, number and dimension on the position, number and dimension in the strips into in which the decreasing equipment divide the net material from the master reel being unwound, have been installed, are put time by period in the rewinder. Machines and devices that prepare the mandrel using the tubular winding cores fixed thereon at present exist. A good example of a system of this kind is defined in WO-A-0061480 as well as in the related Western patent EP-B-1169250.

Downstream of your rewinders the winding mandrels are pulled from the shaped moves, that happen to be then shipped to packaging.

Currently, built-in coil upenders for handling of the various generation techniques through the winder to packaging are not presented. Generally, in presently employed coil upenders you can find three different principal processes. These are:

winding of your nonwoven manufactured by the steady machine,

A coil upender to produce handling job

Before ART

Nonwoven is really a fabric with lots of makes use of in different manufacturing career fields. It is employed, by way of example, as a aspect in the production of hygienic napkins, toddlers baby diapers and similar articles of make. Nonwoven is additionally utilized to produce filtration system, apparel especially from the disposable variety, linens, hygienic content articles of diverse varieties along with other content.

Nonwoven is usually made consistently from a coil upender or machine using a winder presented on the outlet thereof; the winder is actually a machine that continuously receives the strip of online winds and material it into reels with a sizeable size, otherwise known as parent or expert reels. These sizeable reels need to consequently be unwound and rewound cutting the internet material into strips of a smaller sized breadth to produce, in parallel, moves of several diametrical and axial proportions. The sizing of your rolls depends on the last location from the semi-done product or service. These moves are then generally delivered to other coil upenders or plants and flowers to produce the starting up material for creation of the finished article.

Equipment to generate nonwoven may be carding machines and mechanical entangling or hydro entangling coil upenders, spun lace coil upenders or others known coil upenders.

An example of a winder utilizable downstream of your machine for steady manufacturing of a nonwoven is explained in EP-A-1245515. In this form of winder the world wide web material is wound all around a winding axle or mandrel backed involving two area sections. The reel being shaped is kept pressed from a winding roller about which the web fabric shipped from the manufacturing machine is given.

Rewinders, which can have diverse conformations, are utilized to relax the reel and rewind it into one rolls after having first separated it through longitudinal reducing into individual strips. Simply through illustration, some rewinders utilizable in producing nonwoven are detailed in EP-A.

A coil upender to make turing work

18. A coil upender as reported in claim 17, wherein said marking machine consists of a generating member to print information about stated content label.

19. A coil upender as claimed in assert 17, where stated labeling machine is movable along a horizontal axis plus a top to bottom axis, to brand moves with diameters of several proportions.

20. A coil upender as claimed in claim 17, wherein said labeling machine cooperates with a device for angular orientation of the rolls before labeling.

21. A coil upender as professed in claim 20, whereby stated product for angular orientation in the moves is situated on said one or more shuttle.

22. A coil upender as stated in assert 20, where mentioned device for angular orientation of your moves is associated to an unloading surface of the rewinder.

23. A coil upender as reported in assert 20, whereby stated system for angular orientation of the rolls makes up a set of rollers identifying a cradle to back up and turn the rolls.

24. A coil upender as reported in assert 1, more comprising an auxiliary packaging station, to package moves or reels of substantial axial span.

25. A coil upender as stated in state 1, stated info coil upender more comprising, along with a host and interfaced having a community:

the first pc associated with stated winder and functionally associated with a database that contain information regarding the reels shaped by said winder;

a second computer associated with explained rewinder and functionally linked to a data bank that contains info about the unwinding technique of the reels and forming of said moves;

another pc, connected with stated band of longitudinal decreasing resources and functionally associated with a data bank that contains information about said moves;

at the very least a fourth pc connected with said packaging series and functionally connected to a data bank made up of information about packaging of said moves.

26. A coil upender as stated in state 25, whereby said thirdly personal computer can also be connected with explained device for making winding mandrels from the moves.

A coil upender to produce turing

8. A coil upender as stated in declare 1, whereby said packaging type of the moves makes up a robot for dealing with the moves.

9. A coil upender as reported in state 8, where stated robot is operated to pick up individual rolls from stated a minumum of one shuttle and spread them on solitary pallets.

10. A coil upender as reported in state 8, whereby explained packaging series makes up a conveyor to convey moves from mentioned shuttle to your situation to become picked up by explained coping with robot.

11. A coil upender as stated in declare 10, where an upender is associated with explained conveyor, to upend mentioned rolls from the place by which an axis thereof is approximately horizontal to some place when the axis thereof is approximately vertical.

12. A coil upender as professed in state 11, in which stated upender upends one rolls one by one.

13. A coil upender as reported in declare 8, in which mentioned managing robot was created and set up to buy individual rolls placed having an axis thereof about horizontal and swivel them to drive them to a placement with an axis thereof around top to bottom.

14. A coil upender as professed in state 8, in which mentioned managing robot is controlled to buy separator aspects to place between superimposed rolls over a very same bunch.

15. A coil upender as claimed in claim 1, whereby stated packaging range comprises the first system to wrap, having a plastic film, one features, all of mentioned one provides comprising a pile of mentioned rolls.

16. A coil upender as professed in state 1, whereby mentioned packaging range consists of a second product to wrap, by using a plastic-type material film, individual packs, all of mentioned one packs comprising a bunch of explained moves along with a pallet.

17. A coil upender as reported in state 1, more comprising a marking machine placed from a winding cradle of stated rewinder and mentioned packaging line, to make use of sticky labeling to a tail stop from the moves created by stated rewinder prior to packaging.

A coil upender to generate moves of website

one or more shuttle to transfer sets of moves shaped by said rewinder towards mentioned packaging range;

an details coil upender for incorporated management of the coil upender.

2. A coil upender as stated in declare 1, wherein stated information coil upender includes a group hosting server, a data source that contains information and facts regarding procedure info or control data, a plurality of computers associated with the coil upender along with a community group attaching mentioned web server and explained computers.

3. A coil upender as claimed in claim 2, wherein mentioned packaging brand of the moves includes a robot for handling the rolls.

4. A coil upender as stated in claim 3, wherein stated packaging collection makes up a conveyor to express moves from mentioned shuttle to some place to get picked up by mentioned handling robot.

5. A coil upender as professed in claim 3, whereby said robot is controlled to pick up solitary rolls from mentioned a minumum of one shuttle and disperse them on individual pallets.

6. A coil upender as professed in declare 1, wherein related to stated rewinder is actually a product to prepare winding mandrels of the moves, whereby winding cores are installed on stated winding mandrels, explained winding cores experiencing proportions and roles corresponding towards the dimensions and positions of solitary rolls to be created, mentioned device being attached to a local system.

7. A coil upender as claimed in declare 6, wherein explained packaging collection of the rolls comprises a robot for managing the rolls.

orbital stretch wrapping the top film packaging

As proven inside the sequence of FIGS. 8, 6 and 7 orbital stretch wrapping film dispenser 112 is brought up above the top of the fill 150 when liquid cylinders 132 and 162 are at the same time actuated. Substance cylinder 132 is actuated to alter the orientation of online orbital stretch wrapping film dispenser 112 from a top to bottom orientation typically parallel for the sides in the stress to your horizontal orientation generally parallel with top rated 153 of load 150.

The strain on the fluid cylinder 162 is launched to enable the 1st web guide 156 and second online information 154 to be driven better to each other as internet orbital stretch wrapping film dispenser 112 starts to alter orientation. Accumulator 152 will begin to dispense web previously accumulated between rollers 164 and 166, as the distance lessens between the second and first web guide 156 and 154. As web orbital stretch wrapping film dispenser 112 changes moves and orientation into an orientation generally parallel to the top of the load, web is no longer fed from web supply 126 to web orbital stretch wrapping film dispenser 112. Rather from accumulator 152, even though when web orbital stretch wrapping film dispenser 112 is not in an orientation generally parallel to the sides of the load, web which is dispensed onto the load is not taken from web supply 126. This inhibits binding and bunching of web in website orbital stretch wrapping film dispenser 112, which normally would occur when turning online orbital stretch wrapping film dispenser 112 in accordance with the film roll 126.

Web orbital stretch wrapping film dispenser 112 is rotated and raised till it really is in the horizontal orientation normally parallel to the top of your stress. Web orbital stretch wrapping film dispenser 112 is taken care of with this orientation even though the fill consistently rotate, where website 114 will overlie a portion of leading 153 of load 150. Although online 114 is overlying a portion of the the top of the stress 50, the world wide web orbital stretch wrapping film dispenser 112 is lowered. Simultaneous with the decreasing operation, liquid tube 132 is run to modify the orientation of online orbital stretch wrapping film dispenser 112 from a horizontal orientation typically parallel to best 153 of fill 150 to a top to bottom orientation typically parallel for the sides 151 of weight 150.

The cerebrovascular accident of tube 162 is timed to increase on the period from when orbital stretch wrapping film dispenser 112 begins to spin clear of its top to bottom orientation, until finally its come back to its vertical orientation soon after dispensing web over a portion of the top 152 of fill 150. As a result, rollers 164 and 166 proceed toward each other during this period when orbital stretch wrapping film dispenser 112 is not in a vertical orientation, dispensing the film web accumulated between rollers 164 and 166 and eliminating the need to draw film web from film roll 126 during this period.