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coil stretch wrapper and tyre packing machines

We are a trading company from Russia, we supply equipment for cable industry. Lately I got the request for coil wrapping machine with the following parameters. Could you please make a quotation if you have a such one (FOB price) Thanks in advance.   Coil weight 10-100 kg...
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Tyre packaging machine for sale

  Tyre packaging machine for sale http://www.fhopepack.com/Tyre_packing_machine.html   Video show our tyre packaging machine with new technology for big roll packing material.   It is save the time to reloading the small packing material roll.  
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tyre packing machine in Chinese supplier

The tyre packing machine discloses a tyre packing machine, which makes up a straight tyre feeding device. A tyre surface wrapping device, a tyre inner band bonding device and a cooking and tightening device are sequentially organized on the vertical tyre feeding product along the tyre providing course....
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