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Automatic steel tube packing machine and strapping machine

Please kindly provide more information about Counting, Stacking device (steel tube Packing machine): EQUIPMENT QUANTITY carrier teeth lifting chains ? device for rectangular profile orientation (with sensor having a “no need adjusting ” system) ? tough welded legs ? alignment driven rolls ? adjustable reference plate to align...
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steel tube strapping machine and packing line

Sorry for misleading you, we only need a strapping solution. We are in the business of makin heaxon and round stock pipes. We bundle them in a hexon shape and in sizes of: Max width: 500mm Max height: 500mm Max/min top width: 280mm/90mm Max/min botton width: 280/90mm Weigth...
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Automatic steel tube stacking and packing solution

    More information for the steel tube stacking and packing solution: http://www.fhopepack.com/Automatic_Packing_Line.html     Automatic solution with an initial idea to construct stress hypersensitive marking devices which had been easy to work, very easy to sustain, and cost-effective to buy. This concept remains the main concentrate for packing...
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