plastic hose coil stretch wrapper and packaging machine

Good afternoon. Thank you for your reply.
Regarding to your concerns:

1) Rubber hose not like tire with fixed position, is this model suitable for use ?
——-Suitable. Please see attached picture.
2) Whether your technical personal need to visit our factory have more understanding on product and process?
——-It is a fool style operation machine. We got rich experience in similar coil packaging solution. Our team capable design by your offered size. So please send me your whole coil size list if possible.
3) Your product been sold to which rubber hose manufacturer in Malaysia?
———This coil stretch wrapper machine has helped many countries in the world, last week just delivered to Uruguay, not much in your country. Our clients in Malaysia like Surfmep Extrusions Sdn. Bhd, Hengah Paper Product Sdn Bhd.
4) The wrapping materials can it be change for various width ?
——–Can be changed. 50-70mm available. The right wrapping material size is affected by coil size. If the ID is large, the film is large too.
5) Is there any agent or distributor in Malaysia ?
——Sorry, no distributor in Malaysia yet.

Actually, we are producing vary sizes of rubber hoses ; the most common type as per yesterday list.
It’s better for our technicians to have your whole size list, so that they can design the hose coil stretch wrapper machine by your hose size totally and targeted, and know your coil clearly. Please send me all the sizes. Thank you in advance.
Coil No.     Hose size (mm)      OD (mm)         ID (mm)            Width (mm)         Weight (kg)

Would you able to offer us with better terms with 30% of down payment , 30% of copy B/L received and balance 40% after test run with no problem.
———We would like to offer you 50% down payment, 50% after successful checking in our factory.

Just like you, we do believe to have a good start! Thank you.

Best regards


pipe wrapping machine coil wrapping machine hose coil wrapping machine

FPH200 Hose wrapping machine

FPH-300 Hose wrapping machine FPH-400 hose wrapping machine  FPH-500 hose wrapping machine

stretch wrapper business

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Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine-A100

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Differece between semiauto and automatic coil wrapper

Coil stretch wrapper

Semiauto coil wrapper machine:

  1. Driving roll is fixed.
  2. Working table is rolls only.
  3. Only semiauto supportive rolls.

—-Loading and unloading have to manually. So it only for offline packing.


Automatic coil wrapper machine

  1. Driving roll is raising(for wrapping rotation) and down(for conveying)
  2. Working table is roller conveyor for online moving
  3. Automatic centering device( it will designed per different package)

Loading and unloading can be automatically. So it is able online packaging.



Coil stretch wrapper
Coil stretch wrapper


Both solution can be adding following device:


  1. Automatic material feeder & cutter


  1. Automatic PLC&HMI program control


The client of Fhope stretch wrapper

3°/ Commercial References :

Principal suppliers and subcontractors of your company:

Corporation name, address and phone number of the supplier Products or services
GPD Motor
Schneider Electric switch
Omron Time relay

Principal Customers of stretch wrapper:

Line of business Name, address and phone number of the customer % Turnover
Pipe production INES

Steel manufacturer Add:AHL LOUGHLAM, CASABLANCA,

Steel wire production LADA SPRING WIRE
Add:ndustrial Area of Akouda 4115 Hammam

Steel manufacturer TATA STEEL LIMITED
Datapara road borivil east Mumbai 400066 India
Home products,retail
Emke Group
Add:P.O.Box 60188,Dubai-United Arab Emirated

Furniture GL DOORS LTD
Add:Unit 56 Thorpe Hill estateUnited Kindom
Tel: 44-113-3934666
Fax: 44-113-3934644

Principal works (References)

Designation of works realised or services Customer Date
Packaging line desinging  KME 2014-06
Coil master production  Novelis
Tube packaging line  Polycab 2014-02


Do you have brochures of the company? ● Yes             No *

Do you have a catalogue of stretch wrapper products? ●Yes             No *

Do you have a company newspaper? ● Yes                No *


Stretch film and stretch hood film for pallet wrapping.

pallet wrapping machine for cement bag

pallet wrapping machine
pallet wrapping machine

Bottom Boards on the pallet will be: Perpendicular As noted in drawing(s) below:
Figure 2 – Possible Pallet Orientation at 90⁰
Figure 1 – Pallet Orientation
REF.: 16CC006 Pallet Stretch Wrapper

Figure 3 – Plan View-Pallet Flow
Interface requirements of the Stretch Wrapper:
1. Interface with Host PLC (by BCS) to provide the following equipment statuses:
i. Conveyor ready to receive
ii. Conveyor not ready to receive – Pallet queued, waiting wrapping
iii. Equipment wrapping
iv. Equipment fault
v. Equipment e-stop active
vi. Wrapper fault
vii. Wrapper film empty
2. Interface with Host PLC (by BCS) to allow for the following inputs:
i. Pallet request for transfer (infeed)
ii. Pallet transferring
iii. Pallet transfer complete
Interface to have OPC connection to ethernet.
Hardwired interface for Estop Category 3.
Ability to house Asi (interface nodes for Estop and Operational signals above), nodes supplied by BCS.
Specify lead time from placement of order
1. Manufacture
2. Shipping to Melbourne metro (if applicable)

Door stretch wrapper and coil stretch wrapper

door orbital stretch wrapper
Door orbital stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapper
We have gotten you your screen. Thank you very much. Now we are facing one problem. Please let us know your thought.
Before getting your screen, we had one door stretch wrapper machine for shrinking your product. Right now, we do not have a suitable stretch wrapper & shrinking machine in stock because that machine has already been shipped to the end user. However, another machine which can shrink wrap your screen will be ready by 15th, May in our factory. Could you please wait till then? Sorry for the inconvenience.
Coil stretch wrapper
But we found there’re two discrepancies with what we discussed previously:
1.The coil stretch wrapper machine is made according to the coil size list your engineer provided in their visiting(picture attached).
But in your contract you have revised the coil width,ID,OD. which is different with our technical data sheet.
Your revise in coil ID and OD is ok, but if the coil width is changed to 900mm,both machine size and price will be changed accordingly.
Please kindly confirm about it again.
2. Payment:50% in advance on basis of invoice;50% balance should be before delivery.
When the machine is finished,our QC team will inspect&test the machine,we will also send pictures and video for you to check.
After that you can arrange the balance payment,and then we arrange for delivery.

heavy load orbital stretch wrapping machine

Orbital stretch wrapper for haevy load
Orbital stretch wrapper for heavy load


Orbital stretch wrapper and stretch wrapping machine from



Wrapping process= Loading by crane +wrapping + unloading by crane


The main difference between GD and GS series:

1. Loading method

GD series is opens upward which products loading from the top of machine by crane or forkman.

GS series is opens downward which products loading from bottom of machine. And the products have to loading by manual to avoid impact between product and machine structure in loading process.


2. Main structure

GD series stretch wrapper packing material will save on the wheels for getting through ID.

(So GD series will have material saving devices and auto cutting device, accordingly the control system will complicated than GS series)

GS series packing material will fix on the ring to get through the ID.

The reason we recommend GD series is—- Loading by crane or forkman is safety than by manually.

Base our experience and trails, the object is difficult and insecurity to loading and unloading by manually.


Automatic Coiler and wrapping machine component list

Orbital stetch wrapper for wire mash
Orbital stetch wrapper for wire mash
自动管材收卷机材料定额  orbital stretch wrapper with part list
产品型号: SBC GW300 文件编号:CL-11-S-47 版本: 试制A
序号 元件代号 名称 型号规格/描述 数量 单位 厂商 到货日期 备注
1 PLC PLC 6ES7214-1BD23-0XB8 1 西门子
2 EM223 扩展模块 6ES7223-1PM22-0XA8 1 西门子
3 模拟量输出模块 6ES7232-0HB22-0XA8 1 西门子
4 HMI 触摸屏 Smart 700 1 西门子
5 MPI 电缆 6ES7 901-0BF00-0AA0 1 西门子
6 VFD1 变频器 MM420 750W 1 西门子
7 VFD2 变频器 MM420 550W 1 西门子
8 PH 光电开关 BJ300-DDT 10 Autonics 实际用4个,其他作库存,常用传感器。
9 BMQ 编码器 E6B2-CWZ6C  2m 1 欧姆龙
10 侧护辊接近开关 超长感应距离,30-50mm 3 科瑞 正在索取资料 型号待定
11 SQ4、SQ5 接近开关 PRL18-8DN 2 Autonics
12 SQ6 接近开关 PRL12-4DN 6 Autonics
13 PD 开关电源 S-240-24 DC24V  10A 1 欧姆龙
14 QF1 微型断路器 C65N 3P D20A 1 施耐德
15 QF2 微型断路器 C65N 2P D10A 1 施耐德
16 FU1~FU4 熔断器座 RT18-32-1P 3 乐清铭熔
17 熔芯 RT14-20-10A 1 乐清铭熔
18 熔芯 RT14-20-2A 2 乐清铭熔
19 熔芯 RT14-20-4A 1 乐清铭熔
20 QS 万能转换开关 GLD11-25A 1 乐清格力
21 SB0 蘑菇头急停按钮 ZB2-BS54C 3 施耐德
22 SB0 按钮安装底座带常闭触点 ZB2-BZ102C 3 施耐德
23 SA1、SA3 转换开关 ZB2-BD3C 3 施耐德
24 SA1~SA3 按钮常开触点 ZB2-BE101C 3 施耐德
25 SB1 按钮(红) ZB2-BW34C 1 施耐德
26 SB2~SB7 按钮(绿) ZB2-BW33C 6 施耐德
27 SB1~SB7,SA1~SA3 按钮安装底座带常开触点 ZB2-BZ101C 10 施耐德
28 HL1~3 三色灯 LTA-205T 1 乐清南洲
29 KM1~KM14 交流接触器 LC1-D0610M7N 12 施耐德
30 FR1~FR14 热过载继电器 LRD-16KN 12 施耐德
31 KM1~KM14 接触器触点模块 LAD-N11C(正装1开1闭) 12 施耐德
32 C1-C6 磁性开关 6 压德客
33 KV1 电磁阀 4V230C-08-AC220 1 压德客
34 KV2 电磁阀 4V230C-08-AC220 双电控 4 压德客
35 风扇组合 DP-12025AT 6 SUNNON
36 气源调理组合 BFC2000 2 压德客
37 电控箱 标准特大 1 白色
38 面板 见图 1 已订做,注意到货时间。
39 导线等安装辅料 1

orbital stretch wrapper and pipe bundling machine



steel tube packing machine; stainless steel tube packing line
steel tube packing machine; stainless steel tube packing line


Dear Susan,

I’m fine and what about you?

Thanks for your reply. I want to ask about the measurements of PE film rollers and its properties (thickness etc.)

The other question is, you can see on the tablo, we want to delay bundle on conveyor for fix its barcode stickers. It takes about 90 seconds. So can we set the machine according to our needs?


Hello Oguzhan,

How are you?

Now the orbital stretch wrapper machine works smoothly, attachment is the video for your reference.

Our QC person will inspect the machine before dispatching. And we will make some preparation works for it, such as repaint the machine,

cover the anti-rust oil of some components and etc.

Any question, pls feel free to let us know.


orbital stretch wrapper for motor

coil wrapper and stretch machine

Automatic film packing machine coil wrapper for copper, aluminum packaging

more information:




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