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Information for packing material coil for antirust

No. Film (980-25 black) Characteristics1 Thickness, mmNote: thickness fluctuations (%) 0.6-0.8-5+102 Ambient temperature (0C) during application -60+603 Ambient temperature (0C) during operationperiodical -60+60+804 Tensile strength (kg/cm), at least 5.05 Relative extensibility (%), at least 1006 Hydroabsorption at 600C, at most 0.041.07 Electric resistance (Om/cm), at least 10/168 Break-down...
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Equipment for mill,cutting, machining

This department features a range of industrial equipment for milling, cutting, machining, forming and turning. You will additionally locate reducing resources, instrument cases, discovered blades and abrasives. Because maintenance is a priority concern in any production environment, spare parts and consumable elements, such as grinding wheels, are also...
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