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bundling machine and strapping machine packing list

We providing solution for the wide range of pipe size by coiling machines for your production, we also providing solution fully automatic machines for coiling and strapping too. Marks                     (唛头请与正本提单保持一致) DESCRIPTION OF GOODS(货物描述请与正本提单保持一致) SPECIFICATION OF GOODS               (详细产品规格)如没有可不填     Quantity       UNIT           (计量单位根据产品种类自行更改) Number of  PACKAGES...
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Pipe bundling machine

Steel plumbing must be strapped before it is transferred and saved. Our Automated Forming as well as Binding Creation Line with regard to Steel Pipe can collection steel pipes and make its sections into hexagonal, square and triangular in shape stacks, next bind these rapidly as well as...
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order for pipe packing machine

    We are in finalization stage of our Import Purchase Order with your company for plastic pipe packaging machine.             Pipe bundle machine It is an automatic packing solution for pvc conduit, PPR, Upvc pipe…bundle making. Automatic pipe number counting, bundling, strapping…It can be connect with the...
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pipe bundling and wrapping machine

Dear Mr.Fow, How you doing? I’d like to know do you have had received the quotation ad video of the pipe bundling  machine? Compare to mornal online bundling solution that one machine service of one extruder, the solutions suggested are able make one machine service for many extruders....
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Pipe wrapping machine and bundling machine

plastic pipe bag packing machine
Glad to receive your inquiry. As a manufacurer for pipe bundling and bagging machine, there are different machine avialble per your need. The video is the automatic offline pipe bundling and bagging machine. http://www.shjlpack.com/info/automatic-pipe-bundling-and-pipe-bagging-machinery/ Following is the solution that able to connect to your extruders for automatic pipe...
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UPVC pipe bundle packing machine

Our intention of the process is to make • Plastic pipes from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) • Plastic pipes accessories from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) We are requesting a Packaging system for final products for the followings: 1....
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Automatic orbital stretch wrapper or panel

    Doyouneed EyeWrapping (or) Coil Wrapping?     Coil Wrapping   Materialofwhichgoodsaremade     Strip & Foil e.gwire,cable,stripsteel,etc.   Shape for orbital wrapping          ProfileB   Measurements:   OuterØmaximunD  1000                   mm            OuterØminimumD    300           mm InnerØmaximun  d  460                                 mm            InnerØminimumd      100         mm Width  Bmaximun    430                                mm           WidthBminimum          5    mm Weightofcoil  max.   250                 Kg           ...
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automatic pipe bundle machine and packing solution

PVC pipe packing
  more information: http://www.fhopepack.com/PPR%20PVC-pipe-packing-line.html  1,Pipe bundle making and bundling requirement: PVC/PPR pipe length : 10 pcs/bundle, 12 pcs/bundle, 20, pcs/bundle, 25 pcs/bundle, 50 pcs/bundle (by brand products ) Size of pipe : OD 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 mm Min OD of bundle = 130mm, Max OD of...
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