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Container full of air bag is greatly utilized in the container, delivery; trailers, trains along with other modes of transportation, its part is usually to fill the hole concerning the goods to cushion and absorb shock to guard the item is not really damaged owing to collision. Can efficiently guard products in transit, in order to avoid colliding with one another, engage in a buffer in opposition to collapse as well as other consequences, specifically for palletized, the complete board, bulk pallet transport and logistics procedure tray and container with the products in the collapse as well as other issues. To the reduction of logistics prices, raise pace of loading and unloading, loading effectiveness, an incredibly substantial outcome.

One of customer global transport of goods is wood or styrofoam new eco-friendly different goods. Inflatable bag is product of a powerful outer bag next to the pallet apckage and the substantial air tightness The valves inside the bag and along with the mouth processing, air bag simple to use, fast and may be reused

With bag, stretch wrapping machinery is able help package protection.
For the duration of transport, the biggest cargo harm issue is forward or backward through the collision involving the cargo caused by packaging is damaged, and result in harm to your merchandise. Inflatable bag with pallet stretch package can efficiently prevent the truck, container
Rail transportation from the movement of goods. It absolutely fills the hole involving the products, supporting the products made by shaking the load, soak up shock, guard the products from injury throughout transportation, guidance than some other filling material is better safeguarded compared to conventional foam padding using a technique for additional eco-friendly.



pallet stretch wrapping machine inquiry


supplying company of industrial pallet stretch wrapping machine

products was founded in 2007 and strengthened and expanded to operate in 2016 in Baku.

We are supplying company of electrical and electronic components, tools, testing equipment and related items and other industrial pallet stretch wrapping machine products.

We have recently been looking for new suppliers and are very interested in your product range. It is our desire to offer our customers the widest selection possible of industrial products. We would like to know more about the products of your company and would appreciate receiving your information regarding terms and ordering policy. Would it be possible for you to send us the catalogue of your pallet stretch wrapping machine products and current price list? This would help us to introduce your products to our customers.

Please inform us whether you can allow us any special discount over and above the usual one allowed to others, in case we place a large regular order with you.  turntable pallet stretch wrapper

We would like to clarify our business principles:

We ask you to send us the catalogue of your products and price list. After receiving your approval we will place the images and the information of your products on our website, what means we will somehow advertise your products in Azerbaijan and not only. As we find the customers we will order from you (we will send to you request for quotation).

If above mentioned conditions applicable to you we will be very happy and glad to work with you about pallet stretch wrapping machine .

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Enquiry for pallet wrapper machinery

Greeting from sunny doha, we are noon group Qatar established from five years at doha on stationery field as a trading company ,but we decided this year to manufacture some items like paper clip with all size (28,31,33,50,77 ) &binder clip all sizes (15,19,25,32,41,51), staples making machine all size 26/6,23/6,23/8,23/24, etc but our factory will be in Egypt ,so we contact you to provide us with your best price for the following if you have any machine from the below

1- Paper clip machine (galvanized wire) for all size with maximum output you have full automatic pallet wrapper  –
2- Binder clip machine for all sizes 15,19, 25, 32, 41, 50 (paint brush frame making machine)
3- staples making machine for all size fully automatic pallet wrapper one and with output around 500 k.g per shift(8 hours)with all attachment gluing, etc(full line)

Sabry Ahmed
general manager
Noon for stationery
mobile: 00974-30003241
tel: 00974-44147183
P.O.BOX 247

Pallet wrapping machine with strapping machinery for heavy load

Pallet wrapping machine and strapping machine
Pallet wrapping machine and strapping machine


Clearly define shipping terms with alternative for factory to arrange shipping. Include estimate of container size and weights.
1. FIS
2. FOB
3. Other
To Melbourne Metro for suppliers local to Australia, FOB terms to be quoted for offshore suppliers.
1. Costs for installation
2. Cost for commissioning
3. Time required for installation
4. Time required for Commissioning
5. Any notice necessary for commissioning staff
1. List of recommended spares to be held onsite.
2. Spares held and available at your facility.
3. Lead time for spares from your facility.
1. 2 years
2. Costs for any extended warranty, if available?
3. Warranty period to commence following commissioning and acceptance of equipment.
4. Lead time for parts replacement and spares
REF.: 16CC006 Pallet Stretch Wrapper

Full Specification, stating:
1. Throughputs.
2. Infeed/outfeed conveyor specification.
3. Wrapper specification.
4. Conveyor speeds.
5. Recommended stretch wrap materials for use.
6. Stretch material usage.
7. Max pallet stack height.
8. Power supply requirements. Single and three phase.
9. Compressed air, volume and pressures if required.
10. Mode of operation.
11. Controls-HMI-PLC.
12. Communication functions.
13. Safety Functions.
14. Fencing or other necessary mechanical guarding.

pallet stretch wrapper difference in fuction



block pallet stretch wrapper
block pallet stretch wrapper, wooden stretch wrapper

Q3.What is the difference between the height control, manual and electric eye.

a. Electrical eye: Height controlled by sensor

b. Manual: height controlled by “start” and “stop” button manually.

Q4. Please ask the supplier to give more information about the difference between each other machine, also we would like that you ask the supplier what is the right type of stretch film that which is recommended to work with the machine, in thickness (Micron) width (mm) and length (M) from what range to what range can be able to introduce on the machine and work without any problem.

a. If there is any question still unknown between JL2100-J Semi auto and JL2100-B Auto as above described, please contact with me for further information.

b. All kind of Stretch films (all range of thickness, width and length) on market are available.

(Pictures for reference)

Automatic bag pallet stretch wrapper

Automatic pallet wrapping machine for bag pallet packaging
Automatic pallet wrapping machine for bag pallet packaging



There are Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines with turning table with two main working models.It is the pallet machinery for the pallet lowest productivity among the automatic machines.

Installed pallet wrapping machine in a roller conveyor line which is not need stop the operator in handling the other things. Heavy load on strong rollers makes machine able to work the many bag pallet packaging.

All bag pallet wrapping machines are manufactured from FHOPEPACK according to the internation high level Standards. And we provide a warranty with 12 months.Besides the turntable machine, there are available for rotate arm and ring type pallet performances, up to 60 pallets/h.



block pallet wrapping machine

block pallet stretch wrapper
block pallet stretch wrapper, wooden stretch wrapper

The block pallet stretch wrapping machine manufactured by Fhopepack are also called stretch wrapper or pallet packaging machine. They using a stretch film, or LLDPE film to covering around the block pallet for nice packaging and stacking protecting.

These pallet stretch wrapper machines meet different packaging requirements producers in pallet for pallet industries.The LLDPE stretch film CAN  be pre stretch 200%-300% which is a adhesive plastic material that has a high level mechanical features which allow it to wrap around the block pallet to avoid it losing. Many commercial businesses and industry required it to provide a stabilise transport pallets.

There are different special mode for automatic or semi automatic pallet wrapping machines allow higher and lower speeding for easy operation.

Rotate arm stretch wrapper with strapping machine

It is a automatic rotate arm stretch wrapper which connect to the manually pallet stacking station and automatic strapping machine.


It is a solution works for packaging goal about saving labor in end of line. The finished pallet package can be unloading by crane from conveyor.


Wrapping is one of function of the packing line, which can be add to production station, palletizing station…



Automatic pallet wrapping machine


Automatic stretch wrapping machine for pallet for light and heavy pallet load packaging. It can be connect with strapping machine and palletizing equipment for online stretch film packaging. It is an online packaging system to connect with end of your production line.

More technical information:

1. Conveyor in the turntable.

2. Height level adjustable for different pallet

3. Pre-Stretch rate from 100%-200%

4. Wrapping reinforce and position adjustable by program.

5. Max loading upto 2000kg. for more information.