Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine with Rotary Arm

A range of market-leading semi-automatic tray packers and tray packaging supplies from the stock market. Whether you need to pack small or tall pallets, light or heavy, weird shapes and sizes, we have a model to meet your needs.
Our entry-level pallets are packed in a reliable, easy-to-replace manual package, which helps increase load safety and increase productivity, reduce labor and extend film usage. In ideal small to medium sized environments, staff can better serve other tasks, wrapping around packaging trays and the models are simple to function. The worker simply glues the film to the tray and presses the start button to let the machine finish the rest of the job.
Our midsize has more advanced features. These applications are pre-stretched with a series of gear control rollers, so as you pack more trays you can minimize the amount of film while maintaining load integrity. These models also include weight scales and a simple top-level sprinkler.
Our partner Fhope heavy equipment is designed for harsh environments, including brick and aluminum work, outdoor use and fast-paced warehouses and distribution facilities.
Fhope Hill was authorized last year by the factory and controlled by ergonomics, making it the easiest to operate in the world.
Fromm and Fhope Stretch Wrappers are ISO-standard, safe and durable.

Automatic Pallet Wrapper with Rotary Arm

as a professional chinese supplier of machines for the packaging, pallets, packaging machines, packaging machines, chinese suppliers – fhope has one or two things to learn from them about design and special structure of packaging machine suppliers in china. fhope series stretch wrapping machines automatically collects, cut film, packing machinery technology and rich experience in production offers a series of record player machine from the markets.
the equipment developed and produced in the toughest working conditions, higher according to the requirements of the customer, the polizei.darüber our pallet stretch wrapping machines, packaging, easy to install, fool, simple operation, low maintenance, and good and good voltage to protect the verpackung.streckverpak­kungsmaschinen through the efficient and lasting customers receive. and chinese suppliers – fhope) machine, packing products is in good hands.
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pallet stretch wrapping machines is an efficient pallet geräte.spart time and increases the speed of the verpackung.bei packaging and palletizing equipment pallets for group film pallet costs effectively. to save on costs by stretching film. stretching rate of up to 300%, saves cost more than 30%, and the regular updating of the range of stretch packing and tray stretch wrapping machines.
semi-automatic rotating arm rotating arm packaging packaging
– fhope chinese suppliers custom pallets packed with high requirements for packaging. after years of application of knowledge and experience, the machines for the packaging of a device, solid structure, simple operation, easy use, simple operation, simple, easy to use and operation, simple operation, simple operation, easy to use, simple, easy to use and operation, simple operation of the anlagen.wir different possibilities and rotary, the packing design, the most demanding track, the packing or pallet packaging. all our route, the packaging is to ensure that your palette loaded is in safety, transport and stacked chinese tos. ieter – fhope goal is, you’re our china pallet stretch wrapping machines fully satisfied. if, for any reason you are not satisfied, please tell us that china stretch wrapping machines suppliers.
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Pallet wrapping machine

Fhopepack Pallet stretch covering machine is an ideal machine with regard to wrapping pallets, such as high-cube containers, able to be released in storage containers. Also, the stretch movie packing is used for protection towards perforation, moisture, defense against corrosion from ocean air, airborne dirt and dust etc. It is ideal for packaging products like textile cone string, castings, light & heavy engineering items, pharmaceutical goods, electrical & home appliances, sacks that contains grains, chemical compounds, fertilizers, tins containing, fresh fruit pulp, paint, fluids, lubricants, big bags containing products like: triggered carbon, granules, powders or shakes etc.The pallet stretch wrapping device according to declare 1, more comprising a sprocket fixedly mounted on the upper end portion of said tension adjusting fly fishing rod, a placing plate fixedly mounted on said bottom part wall associated with said higher housing and defining a hole, a drawing rod together with a first end extending via said hole and a second finish with an bigger head, any biasing member installed between mentioned positioning menu and mentioned enlarged mind, and a sequence including a very first end fixedly mounted on said sprocket to rotate therewith an additional end fixedly attached to the first end of said drawing fishing rod.

Pallet wrapping machine




Pallet packing machine for PERU


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There are Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper for pallet packing too.

pallet stretch wrapper difference in fuction



block pallet stretch wrapper
block pallet stretch wrapper, wooden stretch wrapper

Q3.What is the difference between the height control, manual and electric eye.

a. Electrical eye: Height controlled by sensor

b. Manual: height controlled by “start” and “stop” button manually.

Q4. Please ask the supplier to give more information about the difference between each other machine, also we would like that you ask the supplier what is the right type of stretch film that which is recommended to work with the machine, in thickness (Micron) width (mm) and length (M) from what range to what range can be able to introduce on the machine and work without any problem.

a. If there is any question still unknown between JL2100-J Semi auto and JL2100-B Auto as above described, please contact with me for further information.

b. All kind of Stretch films (all range of thickness, width and length) on market are available.

(Pictures for reference)

Rotate arm stretch wrapper with strapping machine

It is a automatic rotate arm stretch wrapper which connect to the manually pallet stacking station and automatic strapping machine.


It is a solution works for packaging goal about saving labor in end of line. The finished pallet package can be unloading by crane from conveyor.


Wrapping is one of function of the packing line, which can be add to production station, palletizing station…



It is actually preferable orbital stretch wrapper

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It is actually much better orbital stretch wrapper

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