sandwich panel orbital stretch wrapper Fhope-F200

orbital stretch wrapping for sandwich panel
orbital stretch wrapping for sandwich panel

I’d like to introduce our company, FHOPE is a professional supplier about the sandwich panel orbital wrapping packaging machine for straight objects and coil objects.
Now we need a mat rolling machine for carpet with size: width:800mm-1500mm Length 1000-3000mm.
Since i found your mat rolling machine in YOUTUBE, it may meet our requirement.
Waiting for your reply with quotation and sandwich panel orbital stretch wrapper technical detail.
Ch No. Description Page No.
1 Intent of Specification 03
2 Scope of Work, Battery Limits & Exclusion 04
3 Technical Specification 06
4 Special Instructions to Tenderer 11
5 Inspection & Testing 15
6 Delivery and Packing of Equipments 17
7 Painting Specifications 18
8 Workmanship & Performance Guarantee 20
9 Drawings and Documents to be furnished 22
INTEND OF SPECIFICATIONFacilities like pickling lines, PL-TCM, Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL),
Continuous Annealing Line (CAL) etc. with their auxiliary facilities like ARP,
ETP etc. have been identified in order to achieve targeted production.
As a part of this expansion two no’s of coil packaging lines (CPL) need to be
installed in order to cater need for packaging of finished coils of new
Continuous annealing line(CAL) and new continuous galvanizing line(CGL)
products. The present specification pertains to the Coil Packaging Lines to be
installed in the complex.

motor banding machine and orbital stretch wrapper


Orbital stretch wrapper for pump
Orbital stretch wrapper for pump,gear, mold,motor


Thanks for your email. Please how much is that machine to wrapp in 15-30 sec only. That is good time, please can we get the price for this Pallets wrapping machine, we would like to wrapping pallets 1200L x 1200W x 2000H. max load weight until 1800 or 2000 kg proximately.

Plase let us know FOB price. Thanks a lot in advance


Dear Sir
The efficiency packing machine for your products in pallet,1 packaging takes 15-30sec only.
Click here for your market: 
The professional wrapping machine maufacturer in China.
Welcome email me for futher information.
We are also interested in your company and products for steel & iron sector in Turkey as exclusive dealer. What do you think about this type co-operation with us? We would like to be your excusive dealer in Turkey…

automatic hose coil stretch wrapper and packaging line


automatic hose coiling machine
automatic hose coiling machine, automatic hose packing line,


More information:

We need PE pipe coil wrapping machine for our irrigation pipe coils.

Our dimentions are as follows,

ID : 400 450

OD: 725 -950mm

Width : 180 400mm

Pleas offer us suitable machine both horizontal and vertical type.

Our wrapping materials are Strech films and black PE films for hose package

Thanks for your reply. I have two questions:

1.Is this the best price you can offer ?

2. And if we choose to buy it, can we have a performance / bank guarantee for one year ?

It looks interesting to us. In order to look into the buying possibility, please let me know the following:

-complete specifications

-the space required

-operation details



Please find the requirement of “Motorized Pipe Wrapping Machine”, as per the below details.

Pipe Wrapping Machine – Heavy Duty,

Motor operated – Heavy duty

Pipe Length – 12 Mtr

Pipe Dia. – 400mm – 1600mm

Details of Wrapping material to be used:

  • Tape Width – 150 mm
  • 50/150 (inner wrap), OW 200 (outer wrap) & primer B400 using 25mm overlap on mainline coating & 50% overlap on either end of the pipe.
  • Thickness of protective coating must be not less than 1.65mm.
  • Orbital stretch wrapper Machine shall carry out the coating free of rucks caused by uneven or loose tension and shall not be stretched in such a way that the tape width is appreciably decreased due to excessive tension.



Orbital stretch wrapper for aluminum tube

Orbital stretch wrapper for aluminum tube
Orbital stretch wrapper for aluminum tube


More information:


It looks interesting to us. In order to look into the buying possibility, please let me know the following:

-complete specifications

-the space required

-operation details


We are leadin a company called Ciao Berto here in Kosovo,wich produce kitchen,bedrooms,tabels etc in our own factory.Also we have a showroom where we expose all of our stretch wrapper prouduct. we are interested to find a investor to corporate for investing here in Kosovo…For more informations check in our website.

Thanks a lot and best regards
Ciao Berto

str. Adnan Shyti
i am Jennifer Pham who is working for EuroW who is the leading window manufacturer in vietnam.i am finding the door packing machine as the following link: (from ur website).

so, pls quote me the best price as u can.


pallet stretch wrapper difference in fuction



block pallet stretch wrapper
block pallet stretch wrapper, wooden stretch wrapper

Q3.What is the difference between the height control, manual and electric eye.

a. Electrical eye: Height controlled by sensor

b. Manual: height controlled by “start” and “stop” button manually.

Q4. Please ask the supplier to give more information about the difference between each other machine, also we would like that you ask the supplier what is the right type of stretch film that which is recommended to work with the machine, in thickness (Micron) width (mm) and length (M) from what range to what range can be able to introduce on the machine and work without any problem.

a. If there is any question still unknown between JL2100-J Semi auto and JL2100-B Auto as above described, please contact with me for further information.

b. All kind of Stretch films (all range of thickness, width and length) on market are available.

(Pictures for reference)

horizontal orbital stretch wrapper and feacture


Orbital stretch wrapper for pump
Orbital stretch wrapper for pump,gear, mold,motor
inquiry for the orbital stretch wrapper on Fhopepack

My name is Abdollah Kamal and i am from Iran.

I need some specification and if possible a short video of Automatic Rotate Ring Stretch Wrapper to offer the machine to a corporation , that Chemicals products.

with regards,

We manufacture furniture for hotels and we are looking for a horizontal shrink or orbital stretch wrap machine


Our headboards are upto 1200 high and 3000 mm long , 60mm deep


Our wardrobes are 2000 long , 1200 wide and 650mm deep

Do you have a machine suitable.

Please send images and prices

Kind Regards



Kindly urgently inform us the best quotation for the following item :

1. Machine stretch Wrapping machine for hose

please support me for your catalog

Please complete the Quotation with :
– Freight Cost to Singapore

– Delivery Time To Singapore
– Weight
– Packing Dimension
– Brochure or Detail Specification

Thank you in advance for your attention and looking forward to your prompt response.



orbital stretch wrapper for aluminum


aluminum profile wrapping and packing machine
aluminum profile wrapping machine


More information:


1. ID small than 250mm (packing material on the ring is difficult to cross it)

Solution: Custom-built ring and material


The ring and material device in on orbital stretch wrapper above picture is the machine special for object ID200mm OD400mm


2. Its light (It’s too light to wrapping. because it will seriously shaking in wrapping)

Solution: There need a extra press down device to avoid shake besides the supportive roller.

Press down device as above picture for hold the light package.

More information for orbital stretch wrapper from Fhopepack solution per you package and load.




heavy load orbital stretch wrapping machine

Orbital stretch wrapper for haevy load
Orbital stretch wrapper for heavy load


Orbital stretch wrapper and stretch wrapping machine from



Wrapping process= Loading by crane +wrapping + unloading by crane


The main difference between GD and GS series:

1. Loading method

GD series is opens upward which products loading from the top of machine by crane or forkman.

GS series is opens downward which products loading from bottom of machine. And the products have to loading by manual to avoid impact between product and machine structure in loading process.


2. Main structure

GD series stretch wrapper packing material will save on the wheels for getting through ID.

(So GD series will have material saving devices and auto cutting device, accordingly the control system will complicated than GS series)

GS series packing material will fix on the ring to get through the ID.

The reason we recommend GD series is—- Loading by crane or forkman is safety than by manually.

Base our experience and trails, the object is difficult and insecurity to loading and unloading by manually.


orbital stretch wrapping machine for steel tube and aluminum profile


Orbital stretch wrapper for haevy load
Orbital stretch wrapper for heavy load


Advantage: 1.The orbital stretch wrapper machine can be special design to fit product A and B. (one machine fit all to save cost) for aluminum profile and steel tube …

2. A cylinder push device is optional which is suitable unloading the 300kg wire. (Because of 300kg is difficult to move by manual)

3. The orbital machine can be embedding into ground for keep working position same horizontal with ground surface. (In such way, the loading and unloading is easily)


Packing Material:


Goffered paper/VCI                                              Knit belt

 Aluminum profile packing machine with heavy load conveyor is high speed packing equipment

Special design for LLPDE film+Knitbelt/Goffered paper also available.—two material wrapping at once.


orbital stretch wrapper electric component list


orbital stretch wrapper for motor and gear
orbital stretch wrapper for motor,pump and gear

Orbital stretch wrapper:


Following is the electric component list of the orbital stretch wrapper which is show you the machine in production.

Name Name Type Quantity  Manufactor
3 VFD1 Convertor VFD15M21A  1.5KW 1 pcs Delta
4 VFD2 convertor VFD004M21A  0.4KW 1 pcs Delta
5 MPI cable 6ES7 901-0BF00-0AA0 1 pcs
6 LBQ Power supply filter DL-1D31 1 pcs Jianli
7 BMQ encoder E6B2-CWZ6C  2m 1 pcs Omron
8 QS1 Limit switch ME-8108 1 pcs MOUJEN
9 SQ1、SQ2 Proximate switch PR18-8DN 2 pcs Autonics
10 PD Switch S-50-24 DC24V 1 pcs Omron
11 QF MCB C65N 3P D20A 1 pcs Schneider
12 FU Fuse protector RT18-32-1P 1 pcs Leqing
13 FU Core RT14-20-6A 1 pcs Leqing
14 QS universal selector GLD11-25A 1 pcs Leqing
15 SB0 Scram bottom ZB2-BS54C 1 pcs Schneider
16 HL1~3 Single lighting LTA-205T 1 pcs Leqing
17 KA1 intermediate relay MY2NJ DC24V+PYF08A-E+PYC-A1 1 pcs Omron
18 Air fan DP-12025AT 4 pcs SUNNON