The horizontal stretch wrapper with Allen Bradley PLC

Orbital wrapping machine
horizontal stretch wrapper, orbital wrapping machine
All motors on the orbital wrapping machine are controlled by the fhope series variable frequency drive. This allows maximum performance to be guaranteed, including: Final acceleration and deceleration control, bumpy start and stop and standard motor starters can be eliminated, and even generally stable loads can be eliminated. Maintenance problems associated with dc motor brushes are also eliminated. Digital readout allows for monitoring of speed, amps, voltages, etc., and fault diagnosis can be simplified as a fault diagnosis process. Drive internal protection, possible shock and accidental short circuit can also be eliminated because of complete closure. The orbital wrapping machine design is full of features and options to deal with a wide range of applications. orbital wrapping machine controller has a number of additional features and advantages, for example, programming/human-machine interface (HMI) port, in addition to the port 0 channels - a cheap method is provided, an additional port is provided, programming fpc3 software can be used when the personal computer to complete, or connect to your controller will an operator interface devices. In addition, you can always keep up with a new feature that can be guaranteed by an upgrade able flash operating system, and changing hardware is not needed. The latest firmware can be downloaded via a web site.

The horizontal stretch wrapper Allen Bradley Microblog PLC design is full of features and options to enable a wide range of applications to be handled well. Fpc3 controller has some additional functions and advantages. Now we can look at that. Programming or human-machine interface (HMI) port, in addition to the port 0 channels – a cheap method can be provided, an additional port can also be offered, Rockwell software can be used at this time. Programming with the PC 5 PC or another method is to connect an operator interface device to your controller. In addition, you can always keep up with the latest features that can be guaranteed by an upgradeable flash operating system, and changing hardware is not needed. If the controller wants to update, you can easily complete the latest firmware downloaded from a website.

Best of class “safety features include: package safety eyes area load position, the safety eyes, including feed and the output, the load before the change cycle correctly positioned in line area can be ensured. In the packaging process, the wrappers are shut off by the surrounding safety eyes and some of the things in the packaging of the horizontal wrapping machine.

When the door is closed, ensure that the spiral orbital machine is closed, which can be ensured by the car safety switch. If there is an electronic stop and a secure lock disconnect. Any lost power locking ring can be ensured by the vertical lift of the fail-safe braking system. All the air can be mitigated by manual locking exhaust valve can ensure that, if the air supply and the demand level, air supply lower, by fpc3 pressure switch off. Feed and output conveyor safety interlock, which can guarantee communication with the upstream and downstream transport system.




Horizontal wrapping machine and bundle stretch wrapper

Automatic orbital stretch wrapper for handling the bundle package with film wrapping. It is able strap the load with some distance and do reinforce wrapping.

2.Material and Reduce Packing Costs.

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper/wrapping machines can eliminate bulky, expensive packing material in wrapping like foam, tape, shrinking wrapping, paper Knit belt, string, pet belt. The highly packing speed saves you time and labor costs. All above minimize your packaging cost.

3.Uniteze length wrapping available.

The horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine is ideal for long objects such as unitizing pipe, tube, profile, lumber, door, window, board, section,MDF wood,MDF board, textile rolls… No limited with one or more layer of stretch film or any other packing material. Over wrapping rate is adjustable according different width. You packages are protected from dust, moisture, damage。




Horizontal wrapping machine for package with timber blocker

The ATIS Fifty from Plasticband is surely an automatic orbital wrapping machine which is engineered for you to wrap moldings, metal profiles, pipes blinds and shelves. This gadget is easy to make use of and set in automatic manufacturing lines or high shows. It is created wrap and protect items against soil, dust and also humidity through the transport as well as storage.typically horizontally disposed forming package means working to form, coming from an elongated flexible wrapping material sheet attracted longitudinally and forwardly therethrough, a consistent wrapping material tube developing a closed bottom level side defined by a sideways central area of the wrapping substance sheet, the tube creating a rearwardly disposed open inlet conclusion;means for operatively attracting the covering material linen upwardly and forwardly straight into said developing box signifies, and longitudinally through said developing box signifies in a forwards direction;method for defining a stretched out, generally horizontally, stationary help surface increasing rearwardly from a good exit conclusion thereof positioned strongly and rearwardly adjacent the open conduit inlet finish; Horizontal wrapping machine for package with timber blocker  

Horizontal wrapping machine for package with timber blocker

With the continuing growth and product diversity in the global biscuit industry, flexibility and adaptableness are becoming critical factors for fulfillment. The Pack 301 Mark vii mid-range automation solution addresses specifically those variables combined with high quality product high quality. The machine can package any sort of biscuit about edge, through round, sq . or rectangle-shaped to hoagie biscuits. Revolutionary features ensure an optimal item control throughout the packaging series: from the moment products are loaded into the cross string until the package is covered. The full servo-controlled item transfer from your cross string into the wrapper?¡¥s infeed sequence, for example, functions pre-acceleration. This allows for an optimal synchronization involving the transfer device and the infeed sequence, eliminating effect on the product and maintaining product top quality. High layout flexibility delivers manufacturers a configuration in accordance with their particular needs. The particular modular design enables scalable options, facilitating simple expansion of production capacities plus an increase in the degree of automation through hand loading to fully automated solutions.
Horizontal wrapping machine for package with timber

horizontal stretch wrapper for profile banding requirement


I would like to confirm machine defects:
Budle machine
1 PLC has English language
2 add speed control knob of bundle mahine on the control panel
3 add a knob for the sequence reset
4 add adjustable borders on 3 conveyors
5 starting step of bundle machine can not automatic start by waiting product on conveayor detecting themself , because it can start when we put product after start signal on.
6. to joint control signal between the bundle machine and the wrapping machine i.e. when we increase speed of bundle machine , the wrapping and heater tunnel will increse together.

Wrapping machine
1. machine base : change to locked wheel
2. add adjustable borders on the heater feeding conveyor

notice : I request PLC diagram (software) because it will easy to adjust machine when it has touble.

Horizontal wrapping machine shipping

horizontal wrap machine

Thank you for the email advise below. Please submit final payment invoice so we can get that ball rolling (as noted in email below, balance payment requires 3-4 working days for processing and we have scheduled cheque run dates to adhere to as well).

Please note we need to get this Horizontal wrapping machine in house as soon as possible, we have projects pending due to not receiving this order, and everything is getting delayed. We were counting on May 1st ship date which didn’t happen so whatever we can do to minimize any potentially wasted days we would really like to try and would appreciate your assistance.

Regarding shipping, it’s not the amount of sailings a week I am concerned about, my concern is the congestion we’ve been hearing about at the Shanghai port which is delaying sailings by two weeks in some cases. That is a concern.

Anyhow, please stay in touch and keep us posted on the progress of Horizontal wrapping  machine, this order is being watched closely now and we need to provide daily updates on this order. If there are any other delays pertaining please advise, better to know ahead of time than to be surprised or unadvised.




handling equipment site:

Horizontal stretch wrapper installation required

horizontal stretch wrapper, stretch wrapping machine, orbital wrapping machine

We are going to have some engineers on site in Mexico the week of February 19th to discuss the commissioning of our Tension Level Line. They will also try and determine what the customers plan is for commissioning the stretch wrapper. Can you send me the names of the people you will be sending for commissioning as well as copies of their passports so we can make travel reservations when the time comes? Also, I think you will need to have a translator accompany you’re people. They may also need visas to travel to Mexico.

horizontal stretch wrapper, stretch wrapping machine, orbital wrapping machine
I have some question about the machines from the first request (stretch wrapping machine and pallet wrapper-D) :

– for the maritim transport, how many space needs your stretch wrapping machines ?
– to instal the machine in the customer factory, how many your technicien needs ?
– how much is the cost of your techniciens per day and how many days needs ?
– may I receive the quotation for the spare parts, as the belt of the horizontal stretch wrapper conveyor ?



Two inquiry for horizontal and pallet wrapping machine



Hi I am looking for an orbital / horizontal wrapping machine. Just a idle roller case in feed and out feed, needs to be able to wrap up to 1000mm-1200mm wide. 90% of the of the time it would be wrapping 600-700mm wide x 50mm thick x 1990mm long.

door orbital stretch wrapper
Door orbital stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapper


It’s a pleasure to meet you and also introduce myself.

My name is Jhennifer Arismendiz collaborator to the company PERU, which has a solid experience and positioning in northern Peru to provide our packaging customers polyethylene high and low density, that is why we need of a pallet wrapping machine, given the measures of a pallets 1.00mx1.30m and weight of reel the polyethylene – 350 kg to more.

I waiting for your reply


Flow wrapper for carpet and reel with nice Seal


stainless steel tube packing machine


Automatic flow wrapper
Our cutting device adopts advanced technology.
No sticking
Telfon material
Those makes cutting sharp and tidy, and no burning. It has no bad effect with your products.
We have manufactured many cutting devices. Please don’t worry. We have rich experience, even if the most difficult cutting, like the following picture. The film is 160micron, very thick. It is used to wrap door.

steel tube packing machine

But please see carefully that the cutting is excellent and the cutting line is tight and straight.

Now, please see the cutting and sealing pictures of automatic flow wrapper.

The roll sealer with gear and heating

The horizontal sealer with groove and heating

The special cutting devices: horizontal sealer and roll sealer, will make the cutting beautiful and tight.

The heating can be controlled. Please see the attached picture. The number on the operation plate indicates the heating condition. And, cutting effect can also be adjusted by your need. You will see the real effect when you visit our factory.


Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper


packaging and flexible package

NEWLife has partnered with Amcor Flexibles to create a light-weight Flexi-pack, or pouch, now being distributed in remote places inside Zambia to assist fight childhood diarrhea (observe a video clip on the pack right here).

In a client-helpful style breakthrough, the lightweight Flexi-stretch wrapping pack gives a evaluate for the drinking water needed to make up each and every of the 4 200-mL sachets of sWP packed within it—vital in rural Africa, in which homes hardly ever have measuring utensils. The two.four-mil pack is a sixty-micron adhesive laminate of OPP/PE that’s flexo-printed in a few shades by Amcor Flexibles’ Ledbury plant and produced into a pouch at Amcor Flexibles’ Pamela, Portugal facility.

Referred to as “WRAPPING,” the pack’s style rewards won more than the Zambian Ministry of Wellness, which has placed the very first significant general public sector buy for 452,000 kits, to distribute in some of the remotest, maximum danger locations of the region. Distribution of the very first 30,000 kits is now underway, made locally in Zambia, in an adaptation of the award-winning Kit Yamoyo style which has been tailored to conform to the government’s branding and needs.

ColaLife’s partners Keepers Zambia Foundation (KZF) and Healthcare Retailers Ltd (MSL) signed an arrangement for distribution, representing an achievement and main boost for the new item, which consists of the set up global advice for managing diarrhea with ORS and zinc.

A push release asserting the arrangement, mentioned, “Affordable, desirable, attractive—these are not terms you would generally affiliate with a package created to counter childhood diarrhea in building countries. But that is what U.K. charity ColaLife has carried out by listening to customers and focusing on packaging—with the aid of Amcor Flexibles.”

The new Flexi-pack version reduces fees and materials compared to the original Package Yamoyo, whose AidPod package integrated a measuring jug. Measuring is now done with the Flexi-pack.

Tim Berry, Co-Founder of new Life, states, “Working intently with our packaging spouse Amcor Flexibles, we arrived up with a way to preserve the essential features and attractiveness of our original trial bundle although ensuring that the kit arrives at a expense that won’t need subsidy. Then Amcor provided the very first 870,000 Flexi-packs as a donation—a preserving we’ve passed on to our nearby maker and eventually the client.”

The Flexi-pack is ‘flexible’ in other methods as well, as Keith Gater of Amcor Flexibles explains. “The Flexipack is see-via, so the printed leaflet inside of, which sits squarely towards the front of the stretch wrapping  pack, can be amended to carry any brand or instructions—adapted to local customs, language or regulations. Another benefit is that the crammed pack lays flat, improving provide-chain performance from packer to wholesaler, and it is easier for retailers to transport by bike.”

Steel coil strapping machine
automatic Steel coil strapping machine

Copying the methods of quickly-relocating customer goods, like fizzy drinks, ColaLife has so much focused on using the informal, personal market, encouraging and training small shopkeepers, miles from cities and health facilities, to inventory the kit.

horizontal stretch wrapper and panel packaging

Simon explains: “The Zambian Ministry of Wellness welcomed this model, as it indicates parents can buy the medicines they require for their kids nearer to their home. It is been about operating with nearby folks to find out what they truly want, not what we may well believe they want. Now, seeing the pack’s success, the federal government is piloting its very own edition.”

The U.K.’s Section for Global Advancement is now co-funding a two.5-yr stretch wrapping  marketplace improvement plan to establish Kit Yamoyo in the personal and general public sector in the capital, Lusaka, beginning in October 2015, as nicely as a sister venture in remote rural places. This will continue the mission to stop youthful kids dying unnecessarily from simple-to-handle diseases like diarrhea.