Factory visiting for bubble film stretch wrapper

Our factory locate at Shanghai where is 1 hour from the city center, 30 min from Hongqiao Air port.

The size of the stretch film: ID:50mm Width:200mm OD:100-200mm

We are providing stretch film: the price is $2,19 per Kg.

horizontal stretch wrapper, stretch wrapping machine, orbital wrapping machine

Size for bubble: OD:300-500mm Width:300-1300mm

If you need special size, the machine is can be modified accordingly.

We are very interested in the horizontal stretch wrapping machine and we were thinking of visiting your factory. Could you please inform us where about you are located from the city centre Shanghai so that we can see if it is not too much of a mission to come all the way there.

Could you also indicate the sizes of the rolls that can be used in the machine for the aerothene and stretch film so that we can start sourcing this out too or do you have a supplier who we can contact.

Looking forward to your reply.

horizontal stretch wrapper with bubble film and strapping machine

Maybe we went a bit large on the dimensions and the horizontal stretch wrapper machine below is not exactly what we are looking for.

Max dimensions – 1200 W x 800 H x 2400 L mm
Min. dimensions – 200 W x 100 H x 600 L mm
Most common sizes – 1000 W x 250 H x 2200 L mm (doors)
1000 W x 300 H x 2200 L mm (cabinets)
Power supply – 230V

The aerothene film using at the moment is 1250 mm wide and all packing is done manually.

Learning fro your size, it need a special solution per you packaging requirement.

Since the width1500 x height 1500 the ring have to upto2350mm

For the bobble film convering, the there is need the bobble film upto 2500mm.

And the film sealer length upto 2600mm.

According my experience the price will upto $66,00.

Do you think it is ok for your packing goal?

automatic strapping machine for panel packaging.


Horizontal stretch wrapper installation required

horizontal stretch wrapper, stretch wrapping machine, orbital wrapping machine

We are going to have some engineers on site in Mexico the week of February 19th to discuss the commissioning of our Tension Level Line. They will also try and determine what the customers plan is for commissioning the stretch wrapper. Can you send me the names of the people you will be sending for commissioning as well as copies of their passports so we can make travel reservations when the time comes? Also, I think you will need to have a translator accompany you’re people. They may also need visas to travel to Mexico.

horizontal stretch wrapper, stretch wrapping machine, orbital wrapping machine
I have some question about the machines from the first request (stretch wrapping machine and pallet wrapper-D) :

– for the maritim transport, how many space needs your stretch wrapping machines ?
– to instal the machine in the customer factory, how many your technicien needs ?
– how much is the cost of your techniciens per day and how many days needs ?
– may I receive the quotation for the spare parts, as the belt of the horizontal stretch wrapper conveyor ?



Automatic stretch wrapping machine requirement

You are kindly requested quotation in vacuum machine and wrapping machine as per specification in attached file if you are pleased and if you encountered any problem don’t hesitate to contact me, waiting your feedback.

Bidder must be able to provide all parts of the following:
• Wrapping machine: Designed to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet
• Vacuum wrapping machine with shrink tunnel: Suitable for wrapping a single object or combined objects.
Interested Offerors must be able to provide all three parts of this Scope of Work in order to be eligible.
The selected Offeror will provide a Horizontal wrapping machine designed to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet. Film provides extra support while the products are being transported and stored to protect them from being tipped, spilled or damaged. The machine must have:
1.1Control System:
o Photo-eye pallet height sensor
o Reinforced wrap (to allow more wrap to be applied to same location)
o Over-wrap (to provide more wrap over the top of loads)
o Powered pre-stretch film carriage up to 300 percent
o Film delivery variable speed by separate AC drive motor and separate inverter
1.2Turntable & Film carriage:
o Heavy-duty double-chain carriage lift, calm and safety
o Carriage door opens for effortless roll change and thread film
o Film dancer-bar control film output
o Safety stop to avoid foot crushing
o Hinged mast for easy handling
o Transportable by front and rear forklif


Automatic strapping machine work along with pallet wrapping machine

automatic strapping machine for wire coil,tube

automatic cotton strapping machine

As you advised the chamber will have to remove for the installation of 250mm width roll spool, so pls confirm us what about the security sensors will they work or not?

Pls send us spool photos, size & dimension first. does your engineer know the chamber size of our machine? If knows so does he thinks enough space in chamber is available for this 250mm or 200mm spool , if you send us spool of 250mm & there is not enough space so this will be waste of time,

Do you understand what we want to make you clear pls see the attached photo red line highlighted area is chamber . please make us clear where & how this 250mm width film roll spool with be installed?

We do not need film roll we need the part where 250mm width film roll will be placed Pls advise us its coil strapping solution ASAP, also if there is any part you have to send us pls do not make the actual value invoice pls double check with us before sending any items. Pls confirm how long you will take to reply us finally ???

Today we have received the automatic PET strapping machine in our factory, we asked you for ROLL WIDTH 250mm but we found it 100mm this means we can only use 100mm width roll, please advise me now what is to do, it is really urgent, as earlier informed you that we need more automatic strapping machines this machine was for trial order & we found this big mistake which have made this machines useless for us.

Horizontal stretch wrapper 

Cotton strapping machine

aluminum profile packing machine and banding machine

Automatic aluminum packing line and banding machine

The Company located in South America. We are aluminum extruders for many years looking for the aluminum packing machine

We are providing automatic machine for meeting their goal to automatize our profile packaging. “We are looking for a machine that puts stretch plastic to the profiles in a few parts, so that the sub-package is made before packaging.”

Please find attached a video.

We are offer this type of machine…


Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper for reel packaging


 orbital stretch wrapper for panel

Tech Industrial Solutions is an Indenting Company formed to help International manufacturers and suppliers to penetrate into Pakistan market, by utilizing our high level of relationship and contacts with the key people of the client industry.

One of our client is looking for automatic Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper  and reel packing machine for their final product in reels as per following specs.

Dia meter 1200 -1600mm

Deckle 500 – 1850 mm
Your quotation should be on FOB basis with Freight charges to Karachi Pakistan mention separately.
Kindly acknowledge receiving of our request.
We will look forward for your earliest response in this regard.






Sealing machine with horizontal stretch wrap machine for glass tube

orbital stretch wrapper

Hello Asad,

In the solution, the sealing station is an option.

For your glass tube packaging, the holding device is a point need to be pay special attention to.

The device required not only albe hold the tube bunel, but also with gentle pressure avoid damage the glass.

Please check the quotation attached.

Any question feel free let me know.

We need nesting arrangement for tubing as attached

Length, height and width of the tubing bundle remains the same.

Length 1500 mm
Height 170 mm
Width 260 mm

Weight changes from the tube OD changes

Tube Outer diameter changes from 6 mm to 32 mm

Please advise, what kind of arrangements you can offer


From: info
Sent: Monday, October 24, 2016 1:47 PM
To: Asad Wazir (GGG)
Subject: Re: Orbital stretch wrapper

Dear Mr. Wazir,

Glad to receive your letter.
As a manufacturer, there are different type horizontal stretch wrapper is able do packing for glass tubing.
Before offering a solution, please kindly let me know following information:

1. What is the glass tube bundle size

Bundle No. Length Width Height Weight

2. What is the packing material.

3. Providing some products pictures for reference.

We will provide solution per your need.

Glass tube horizontal stretch wrapper


PIR panel packing machine orbital wrapper

orbital stretch wrapper for panel

As we discussed during the phone call last time, I am sure that you can arrange some PIR boards horizontal stretch wrapper in China market. If you can’t, then let us know we shall arrange one bundle of panels.


By the way can you please send some photographs of the machine. Remember we need oi inspect the machine before shipping. Let us know when we can come for inspection.


We will do testing the day after tomorrow.

So i think the sample delivery from your company can not catch the schedule.

We find the sample from the market.

Length:3000mm Width:1200mm Height:20mm

The price is $12.10/pcs

If you need to check the height 2.4m testing, it needs $1,452 which total amount is less than delivery by flight.

Actually 1.2m height sample is enough for testing. If not enough, you can buy it later.

Waiting for your opinion reply about sample  for the panel packing machine


orbital stretch wrapepr& spiral wrapping machine



Enquiry for fhopepack horizontal stretch wrapper

orbital stretch wrapepr& spiral wrapping machine
Our Company is interested in your horizontal stretch wrapper product, that we saw in trading site,
We will like order some product from you and please kindly give us the
CIF quotation of the product that we have attached here for you.
Please give us the best price of the horizontal stretch wrapper . Waiting for your respond
and With the mode of your payment. Please kindly check the attachment
and let me know specification of the product we are  inquiry to get from
your company.
Your early reply is very necessary for further detail specification
immediately you receive our email.