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Packing speed is ok approximate 200 panels/ 8 hours. Attached please find the quotation of our door sealing and shrinking machine. And you can get our machine features and technical data in the quotation clearly. After going through it, please let us if you have any questions.
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Door wrapping machine. For offering you a suitable packing machine, please confirm the information as follows by return.


1. Product specification(Metal trims, insulation, panels).

Product Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Weight(kg)

2. What kind of packing material will be used? For example, stretch film, PE film, etc.

(stretch film)


3. What is your requirement of packing speed? Or what is your daily throughput, say, 8 hours/day?

4. What is your loading and offloading way? By hand ?

5. Horizontal stretch wrapping machine for door packing

-This machine can be semi-auto or automatic. After packing, the product can be stored or transported in a good condition. However, normally this machine can not pack the head and tail end of the product. If you prefer this packing machine and also want to wrap both ends, we can provide you a solution-horizontal sealing +stretch wrapping machine.

Packing material: Stretch film for door shrink wrap

Sealing machine: Bubble film/PE film

Automatic door packing machine and door shrinking machine

Following is answer for the door packaging machine with packing material information per inquiry.

Well noted. Thank you very much.
1. Regarding the shrink wrap for door packaging (2.3m), you may also search for it in our Chinese market. It is easy to be found, even up to 3m and it won’t be very expensive.
2. We also have come up with another two door shrinking and sealing solutions for your reference:
Note: Those two solutions require lengthways feed-in mode.
Solutions 1: Store 3 shrink film rolls on the sealing machine. So it will be easy for you installing and choosing correct film size when running the machine.
Solutions 2: Two side cutters for cutting redundant film and sealing, so that have a nice door package. But the price for this machine will be higher than the one we quoted.
Please feel free to contact us for anything.

Door orbital stretch wrapper in different design

I notice you manufacture doors and windows.

Fine doors and windows products need fine packaging way to protect them well.

Here I attach door/window wrapping machine to help you.

door packaging

a.      Single board

The kind of wrapping machine can pack your window/door one by one with a smooth shrink film.

Also, it can be connected with your production line. The windows/doors can be conveyed directly and automatically to the wrapping machine.




b.      Unitizing windows/doors

This horizontal wrapping machine can stretch the whole stack of doors/windows.

Production line is optional to link together.



Besides, pallet wrapping machine is a nice solution for you.


orbital stretch wrapper for door

Your horizontal sliding, irregular shape, vertical sliding and steel doors/windows are applicable for our customer made packaging machine.

Any concern, please make me know freely.

door stretch wrapping machine

door stretch wrapping machine in vertical

door stretch wrapping machine


MORE INFORMATION: Door stretch wrapping machine


Automatic stretch wrapping machine for door packaging.


There are two standing structures for door, window loading and unloading.


This is an economic type stretch packing solution for  your handling and packing.


1. Adjust in-feeding & out-feeding tilters tilt during 90 degree and 180 degree. To make your window from 100 degree to 90 degree.
2. We add two sets of guardrails on the in-feeding & out-feeding tilters as below. To protect and fix windows during feeding, and reduce labor force.
Height & width of the guardrails can be adjusted for different sizes of windows’ feeding.
3. We upgrade the top plate clamp and protective hands in the turntable conveyor. The clamp can orientate, lock and fix window for wrapping automatically.
Protective hands controlled by cylinder, can be up and down convenient for wrapping and conveying. Up-fix & wrapping, Down–protect & conveying window out.
During wrapping, the clamp and protective hands will be wrapped together with window. After wrapping, the clamp position will be located not move and
protective hands will be down, easy for window conveying to out-feeding tilter and taking out in 90 degree.
Detail wrapping process like this:
Window feeding in in-feeding tilter, tilt to 90 degree from 100 degree of your booth–> push to wrapping station –> clamp & protective hands oriente and fix window –>
wrapping automatically –> clamp located, protective hands down –> push wrapped window to out-feeding tilter and take out. A wrapping process finished.
In the wrapping end, tilt window to 100 degree and then take out is also available as you need.


door packing system



door packaging machine   door stretch wrapping machine
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 Door packing machine

More information:      http://www.fhopepack.com/Door_packing_machine.html







The conserving in substance charges utilizing roll inventory as opposed to premade bags will offer a short-phrase ROI, and at a reduced products cost than an automated fill/seal method. Telesonic will make integrated door packaing systems such as auger fillers, pumps, computerized scales, and suited feeding and checkweighing devices.

24 from Telesonic is an automated horizontal pouch packer created to fulfill the demand for more substantial portions of cost-free flowing merchandise in a few- or 4-sided sealed luggage, standup pouches with zippers, or spouts to be created from world wide web widths up to sixty in. at an regular fee of forty ppm.

The travel teach for the new Doorway packing device-1600 Vertical Sleeve Labeler has been re-engineered to reach and maintain a new amount of performance. The new belt-based travel train demands much less substitution elements lengthy term and utilizes no lubrication.Rapid, successful transfer of electrical power supplies pace and precision. Mandrels and cutter bins are modular and provide quick-adjust areas for easy changeovers to different formats.

This  door packing solution  device addresses worries associated to the typically practiced “forklift conditioning method” this sort of as bag breakage, plant structural injury, forklift hurt, or injury to plant personnel.

Our new, patented program makes use of hydraulically actuated pivoting conditioning arms with prolonged vacation and attributes “v-shaped” tubular breaker profiles to proficiently return even the most severely agglomerated supplies to a cost-free-flowing condition.

A driven rotary lift table and turntable positions the bulk bag for complete material conditioning on all sides, as nicely as the top and base. Unit functions effortless-to-use momentary speak to controls and acrylic guarding on three sides for operator safety. An ultra compact footprint provides a remedy for minimal facility place.

With the door packing solution programmed sensor, the method counts a stream of continuously flowing product until finally the desired amount of item is fulfilled. Then the chute closes to allow movement of the fully packed box off the conveyor and to shift the subsequent vacant box into spot. Method has computerized backup safety counting technique that will step in in scenario of sensor count failure. Personalized counting system contains storage hopper, chute and indexing conveyor.

Inquiry for door

Its Ing.M Anwaruzzamn , Head of International Business Ashrafia Group Bangladesh, bear a 45 years track record in Bangladesh : in Electronics, Publications, , Printing & Packaging , Trading, sector..


Currently we would like to expand our business in the rapidly growing UPVC Door and Widows fabrication sector, by establishing a Greenfield project by February 2015. And door packaging machine is need.


Though on-line media and International magazine I have noticed your company has made a strong foot prints in such fabrication machinery sector, which is really draw our attention, and makes us quite enthusiastic to communicate with you, for finding out some possibility to integrate your machinery solution into our approached project.


In this consequence, at the preliminary stage, I’m requesting you to check the attached
pdf file and let us your least possible price offer ( in USD) inclusive payment procedure of your equipment that you think might fits with our project equipment/machinery list.


Hope you will find our proposal interesting enough to offer us your price as an earliest possible time, in order to take it to the next level.

Please feel free to contact with me either  or 008817321313899 if you need further clarification.


Thanks again for your time and looking forward to your assistance.


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Ing. M.Anwaruzzaman
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