coiling machine and uncoiling machine

1.Material information
Material (cold rolled steel strip, hot-rolled pickling coil)
Surface dry, lightly or moderately oiled
Steel coil OD:1200-2000mm (OD=outer diameter)
Steel coil ID: 508/610mm (ID=internal diameter)
Steel coil width: 150-800mm
Steel coil thickness: 2-8mm
Steel coil weight: 15t
Tensile strength: 350-800N/mm²
2. Flattening and feeding mechanism
Feeding interval: 0.1-500mm
Feeding accuracy: ±0.15mm
Flattening accuracy: 0.8mm/500mm


Full-automatic Coiling Machine for Thick Hose

In the Fhope pipe automatic coiling department, specializing in the production of automatic tube and hose coiling system. The winding and strapping system is suitable for all kinds of plastic pipes, hoses, pipes and pipes. Our solution can be used instead of manual or semi-automatic take-up. Through the automatic take-up system, we help customers reduce labor costs and increase extrusion speed. It is easy to work in take-up and handling. In addition, we are designing different solutions for a wide range of coiler windings and crimp free standing coils. The company also produces film roll diameter automatic packaging line. The coiling machine and automatic reeling machine we have binding characteristics of different distance. In some cases, it can be designed for special packaging and conversion of offline processing purposes, coil configurations and packaging materials… This is your connection to the extruder can reduce labor, production of automatic reeling solution of your management by one person. Automatic strapping and bundling machine for polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and high-density polyethylene hose… Automatic winding machine, strapping machine from fhopepack. We provide all kinds of winding machine solutions for your production, and also provide automatic winding and strapping machine. Automatic reel strapping machine conforms to the CE guidelines, and using the latest technology and industrial design standard design. The fhopepack provides packaging solutions for the tube industry. Our commitment to the industry has led to the development of innovative, cost effective products to address loose and irregular packaging issues. Our sales, equipment services, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the best protection packaging system for your application. It is the calculation of pipe length, pipe cutting, pipe, pipe fixed ring, strapping coil, automatic moving coil winding equipment. The graphics can be set up in the PLC control program.

Full-automatic  Coiling Machine for Thick Hose

coil wrapper with stretch wrapping machine


It works for different size coil packaging requirement. the packing material is stretch film

wrapping machine for coil packing for reference
steel coil wrapper, wire coil wrapper and wire strapping machine



Find the right coil wrapping machine solution to your packaging needs by selecting your industry/market segment.

Every single day, Fhope models are working hard, circumstance packing, bagging, erecting and palletizing and more, in your customers’ plants all over the world. You can depend on Fhope our gear. With well over years of servicing the industry, we certainly have received numerous loyal clients, and recurring business is the cornerstone of the achievement. With regards to coil wrapping machine, we know the business. We’d like the opportunity earn yours.



Coilmaster stretch wrapper delivery

Is the coilmaster stretch wrapping machine disassembled and ready to ship now? If not, what is the earliest date you can have containers delivered to your factory?— It will ready for shipping 5 days after receiving the balance.
Do you need us to provide the B/L?—-Not need, after shipping, we will have the B/L from forwarder. And than we are making all document to you.
Will you send us electrical drawings as well? We need the mechanical and electrical drawings of the coilmaster stretch wrappe in AutoCAD format—-Yes, we will give it to you during two days.
For the invoice, can we hold back 10% until commissioning is complete?—-I am sorry, it is unacceptable by our financial dept.

1. Please check the PL attached.
2. Certificate of Origin availabe after delivery only. It needs provide B/L.
3. HS code: 8422400000
4. Please check the final drawing in PDF attached

For the manual, it takes app. 6-10 days.

Let’s go forward for the shipping, and we will providing the stretch wrappaer manual soon.


Automatic pipe coiling machine

coil packing machine and hose coiling machine

I’m sending you the answers you kindly asked about our product:

1.- We process steel coils from master coils (we are a service center)
2.- Our range of dimensions are
ID: 508mm & 610mm
OD: from 700mm and up to 1830mm
Width: 31.75mm and up to 1524mm
3.- We currently use VCI reinforced paper (PP) but open for discussion of alternative materials (VCI film)

Hope to hear from you soon.

We are producing flexible pvc hoses ( garden, pulverizatör… etc)
We are looking for automatic coiling and strapping machine.
I have found your information on the internet.
Could you please give me more details about your machine and its price?
Do you have any machine that is able to coil bigger size of hoses?
Do you have any distributor in Turkey?

automatic pipe coiler and winding machine

automatic pipe coiling machineautomatic pipe coiling machine

he FHOPEPACK provides automatic pipe coiler packaging solutions for the tube industry. Our commitment to the industry has resulted in the development of innovative, cost efficient products that address problems like loose, irregular packaging. Our sales, equipment service, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the optimum protective packaging system for your application.

2) Basic characteristics: I. Automatic pipe coiling and strapping machine

1) Function: It is equipment for calculating the tube length, cutting the tube, coiling the tube in coil, fixing the tube coil, strapping the coil moving the tube coil automatically. The figure can be set in the PLC control program.

Usually we have pipe and hose coiler for extruder n stock for swift shipping and delivery or can show your merchandise on them in our demonstration space.
Feeders for the european marketplace are CE marked and come in two ranges, ‘v’ or Signature Series and ip Collection.
The ‘v’ sequence are cost successful feeders that exemplify longevity and ease of use. Two distinct discharge lengths are available like ED and XED. These are decrease priced devices where you can add the distinct functions that your venture needs, you pay for what you want.
The Industrial Efficiency, pipe and hose coiler sequence is the prime tier decision for almost any software, this sequence delivers premium functionality and customization provided in a friction feeder. 4 different discharge lengths are obtainable like our adaptable discharge normal.

We offer spares from stock and specialized assistance backed up by the Multi pipe and hose coiler manufacturing facility.

Nozzles, filters, modules (jetting elements), heater cartridges, temperature sensors, solenoid valves (mac® valves), glue guns, heated hoses, pumps, and hotmelt tanks are normally in stock and awaiting your buy. We offer you a mend services in our personal workshops for glue guns, pumps, heated hoses and melt tanks.

Sample costs for Large Quality pipe and hose coiler appropriate elements include

n odd query you may well think, and the only glue you may see in your neighborhood grocery store , might be in a tube in the d.i.y. segment.
But you will actually be surrounded by it, the invisible drive will be all over the place!
Cardboard cartons, packing containers, trays, all bottle labels, paper luggage, they all have glue somewhere in their production.
Self adhesive labels, maybe on postal items, coated in pressure delicate glue, they stay on so ideally your packages get there at their vacation spot!
Aircraft, trains, ships and automotive automobiles typically have areas glued collectively with innovative resins.

HDPE pipe coiling packing machine


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Automatic coiling packing machine







Developed together with customers, the program was initially created for syringes real estate tumor necrosis component inhibitors, also called TNF Blockers. The key characteristic of Constantia TEOS is actually a tamper-evident peelable include foil that may be functionally destroyed during original starting. According to Constantia, the cover foil provides reliable protection against the packaging’s illegal reuse.

“Drug counterfeiting continues to be an essential problem throughout the world, and battling this threat is of vital significance to us,” says Frederick J. Lutz, local income administrator The United States, Pharma Division for Constantia Flexibles, in the released assertion. “In parallel with Constantia Flexibles’ broad range of other anti-counterfeiting capabilities, TEOS assists ensure the security and integrity of our own customers’ Automatic coiling packing machine and, for that reason, of people and health-related companies.”

Constantia TEOS also can include a number of non-obligatory covert and overt characteristics that further help with tamper evidence. Possibilities involve holograms, custom-made stability foil, specific protection pigments and inks, and unique-to-product or service safety generating like microtext, secret images and built in style deviations.

Easyopen part Automatic coiling packing machine and packaging

Created by Aussiedependent Snapsil Corp., the Snapsil semi-firm box includes a patented perceptible “snap-opening” functionality which allows consumers to open the deal with a single hand. Snapsil has continued to evolve a selection of innovative dispensing designs, permitting simple and easy managed item relieve for a number of unitdose and solitaryoffer customer products. Snapsil StraightforwardWide open Section Pack’s North America unveiling is maintained by T.H.E.M.-Multivac; T.H.E.M. works with the Snapsil collaboration with merchandise evaluation, contract and testing packaging professional services. The initial Snapsil manufacturing lines will probably be commercial operating in the future this year at T.H.E.M.’s Food and drug administrationlisted commitment Automatic coiling packing machine and development premises in Marlton, NJ.

automatic hose coiling machine

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Automatic hose coiling packing machine











Meeting the actual hose coiling packaging requirements through the healthcare marketplace demands the need to pay focus on important troubles, as an example validation dosing and meting out management and accurate, versatile and clean creation.

Listed here are 5 new products which participants towards approaching co-found Pack Expo Vegas and Pharma Expo shows (Sept. 28-30 Vegas) can simply see shut up and personal.

Pharmaceutic monoblock

The Synchro 24 monoblock packaging line for solidamount pharmaceutical drugs provides pipe coiling machine substantialspeed and precision. Jogging at prices just as much as 150 bundles every single min, the machine ensures precision dosage keeping track of with all the company’s “Twin Flap” technologies. This cuts down on the dwell time of bottles underneath the checking/filling up funnels by accelerating the 12 counting system channels (every funnel has two counters). Additionally, a synchro-active conveyor permits smooth constantmotion providing. No additional or particular vibrating dishes are essential to give and distribute the merchandise. Total system involves compartment unscrambler/coder, air flow facial cleanser/dust particles extractor, filler, natural cotton inserter and capper.

Padded folding carton

The brand new pipe coiling machine pack folding carton provides shock and vibration defense to storage units of sterile and clean or water goods. The end result, based on the distributor, is significantly reduced damage of glass or another storage units. How? With all the carton’s increase-walled auto and construction-actuating padding flaps on top and underside. These features provide better grind opposition than normal foldable cartons.