coil stretch wrapper and tyre packing machines

We are a trading company from Russia, we supply equipment for cable industry.

Lately I got the request for coil wrapping machine with the following parameters.

Could you please make a quotation if you have a such one (FOB price)

Thanks in advance.


Coil weight 10-100 kg


Coil width 100-200 mm


Metal OD 700 mm


Metal ID 300 mm


Wrapping speed 40-80 rpm


Power 2 KW


Wrapping material Braided HDPE strip, corrugate paper, oil-drenched paper
Dimension 1400 * 1200 * 1500 mm


Weight 600 kg



Automatic horizontal stretch wrapper


As a manufacturer specialize for coil packaging, there are many type coil packaging mahines serive for different package.

Learning from your requirement, the economic solution is as following coil stretch wrapper series:

For coil weight 10-100kg, it is able rolling into the wrapping station by manually for wrapping.

If the coil was loading into wrapping station by cran, it is better using coil wrapping series

So please check with customer about the loading&unloading way for wire coil.

And than our team will provide s proper solution accordingly.

The quotation will be send later.


The automatic hose coiler available.


coil wrapper with stretch wrapping machine


It works for different size coil packaging requirement. the packing material is stretch film

wrapping machine for coil packing for reference
steel coil wrapper, wire coil wrapper and wire strapping machine



Find the right coil wrapping machine solution to your packaging needs by selecting your industry/market segment.

Every single day, Fhope models are working hard, circumstance packing, bagging, erecting and palletizing and more, in your customers’ plants all over the world. You can depend on Fhope our gear. With well over years of servicing the industry, we certainly have received numerous loyal clients, and recurring business is the cornerstone of the achievement. With regards to coil wrapping machine, we know the business. We’d like the opportunity earn yours.



automatic coil packing machine and tapping machine

automatic coil packing machine
Providing automatic packing solution for coil wrapping and coil tapping by customized solution.
Control by PLC&HMI, automatic BOPP adhesive tape tapping machine, automatic positioning system.

It also calls coil stretch wrapper, coil packing line and automatic coil wrapping machine


coil stretch wrapper testing and checking

Coil Weight = 32 MT (72,160 lb)

Coil OD = 1000 to 2060 mm (40 in to 80 in)

Coil Width = 900 to 1700 mm (35.4 in to 66 in)

Coil ID = 610 to 760 mm (24 in to 30 in)

Production Rate = 6 Coils per hour

Power -3 Phase 440 VAC 60 Hz

Control Voltage -24 V

Inspection Checklist

coil Stretch Wrapper -RAL 1033 Dahlia Yellow

Blocker Rolls -RAL 5017 Traffic Blue

Track Frames -RAL 5017 Traffic Blue
Verify paint colors
For shipping, exposed stretch wrapper machine surfaces must be protected with Tectyl 502-C or equal
No paint on surfaces contacting grout (primer ok).
Verify anchor bolt locations and size
Wrap minimum OD coil with minimum ID and maximum width
Wrap maximum OD coil with minimum ID and maximum width
Wrap with VCI paper
Wrap with VCI plastic
Verify component voltages
Verify production rate
Installed keyed switches and verify functionality (supplied by SES)
When will we receive packing lists?
How will the machine break down for shipping?
How will parts be labeled for shipping and re-assembly?
When will we receive final drawings (ACAD and PDF format)?
When will we receive manuals?



plastic hose coil stretch wrapper and packaging machine

Good afternoon. Thank you for your reply.
Regarding to your concerns:

1) Rubber hose not like tire with fixed position, is this model suitable for use ?
——-Suitable. Please see attached picture.
2) Whether your technical personal need to visit our factory have more understanding on product and process?
——-It is a fool style operation machine. We got rich experience in similar coil packaging solution. Our team capable design by your offered size. So please send me your whole coil size list if possible.
3) Your product been sold to which rubber hose manufacturer in Malaysia?
———This coil stretch wrapper machine has helped many countries in the world, last week just delivered to Uruguay, not much in your country. Our clients in Malaysia like Surfmep Extrusions Sdn. Bhd, Hengah Paper Product Sdn Bhd.
4) The wrapping materials can it be change for various width ?
——–Can be changed. 50-70mm available. The right wrapping material size is affected by coil size. If the ID is large, the film is large too.
5) Is there any agent or distributor in Malaysia ?
——Sorry, no distributor in Malaysia yet.

Actually, we are producing vary sizes of rubber hoses ; the most common type as per yesterday list.
It’s better for our technicians to have your whole size list, so that they can design the hose coil stretch wrapper machine by your hose size totally and targeted, and know your coil clearly. Please send me all the sizes. Thank you in advance.
Coil No.     Hose size (mm)      OD (mm)         ID (mm)            Width (mm)         Weight (kg)

Would you able to offer us with better terms with 30% of down payment , 30% of copy B/L received and balance 40% after test run with no problem.
———We would like to offer you 50% down payment, 50% after successful checking in our factory.

Just like you, we do believe to have a good start! Thank you.

Best regards


pipe wrapping machine coil wrapping machine hose coil wrapping machine

FPH200 Hose wrapping machine

FPH-300 Hose wrapping machine FPH-400 hose wrapping machine  FPH-500 hose wrapping machine

Differece between semiauto and automatic coil wrapper

Coil stretch wrapper

Semiauto coil wrapper machine:

  1. Driving roll is fixed.
  2. Working table is rolls only.
  3. Only semiauto supportive rolls.

—-Loading and unloading have to manually. So it only for offline packing.


Automatic coil wrapper machine

  1. Driving roll is raising(for wrapping rotation) and down(for conveying)
  2. Working table is roller conveyor for online moving
  3. Automatic centering device( it will designed per different package)

Loading and unloading can be automatically. So it is able online packaging.



Coil stretch wrapper
Coil stretch wrapper


Both solution can be adding following device:


  1. Automatic material feeder & cutter


  1. Automatic PLC&HMI program control


coil stretch wrapper and coil packaging machinery

Wire coil stretch wrapper from Fhopepack
Wire coil stretch wrapper from Fhopepack

1. 金额:50000 人民币

2. 付款方式:T/T,30%预付款,发货前70%

3. 合同交期:18-20天

4. 设备: 200-N 1台


物料重量: 10-200kg

物料宽度: 80-200mm

外径: 550-750mm

内径: 300-600mm


转环速度: 每分钟20-90转

重叠率: 20%-90%

功率: 约1.2kw

电压: 380v/50Hz 3Phase

包材packing maaterial:stretch film 缠绕膜(内径:50mm  外径:60-150mm  宽度:90mm)







铭牌标签: 300-N



coil stretch wrapping machine


Since there is without your information about coil wrapping machine, i’d like to know is there any progress for coil stretch wrapping machine?

What is your team’s opinion for our solution?

Waiting for your reply.

————————————-coil wrapperne

Hello Mr.Patil,

Our coil weight will be 1000 kg – 5000 kg pl indicate this machine GD 800 coil stretch wrapping machine is suitable for this ?
—–GD800 coil stretch wrapping machine offered is for Max.weight 2000kg, the modification is available for Max.5000kg.

What will be the civil work required for foundation of machine ?
—-Not civil work required.

What is the total dimensions of machine -Length, width and height .

—–App. L3600x W2400 x H3000mm
Is there any machine which also do strapping after wrapping?? If yes pl indicate .

—–There is strapping tools available

What will be the production rate is we consider average 3500kg weight of the coils ??

—The wrapping time is relate to the size but weight, normallry for OD1500mm With:800mm app. 60-90sec

What is the total delivery period after PO??

—-50 days after receiving the down payment.

Stretch wrapper for coil package


Wire coil stretch wrapper from Fhopepack
Wire coil stretch wrapper from Fhopepack
Glad to hear from you. I am fine and trust you are too.
Yes, our coil wrapping machine size can be adjusted to match your products when designing. Regarding the product size-Width:260mm, ID:150-260mm, OD:300-600mm, we suggest our GD300 or GS300. Please let us know which model you prefer.
Additionally, is 260mm the only width? If not, please advise all (min/max).
The quotation will be sent to you as soon as possible after getting above information.
(GD300) (GS300)
Look forward to your reply.
I have revised the seller information and bank information in the contract.
This time we will not export through Shanghai Qiyi company.
Others keeps all the same with previously orders.
The delivery time is 15-20 days after down payment received.


hose pipe packing machine and coil wrapper


automatic hose coiling machine
automatic hose coiling machine, automatic hose packing line,
Please kindly check and confirm the coil size to be packed is:
1. As in the size list your engineer gave us:
coil width:500-750mm;
coil ID: 800-956mm
coil OD:1130-1460mm
2. As written in your previous contract:
coil width:630-900mm;
coil ID: 750-900mm
coil OD:1130-1600mm
We are still having discussions regarding the coil wrapper machine. Thanks for the continous feedback you provide.

As noted on the customer’s list you sent, POSOCO is the only Philippine customer you had. May i know what machine did they bought from you and when was it? Any problem encountered on their machine?

With reference to our previous mails, is there any progress on these both projects?
Regarding master Coil orbital wrapping machine, if your 1500mm wide of product is less than 800mm high, the coil wrapping machine can pack it. As long as the product can go through the ring of machine smoothly, it is ok.
hose coil wrapping machine                                                             automatic hose packing machine