Stretch wrapper packing machine for coil

coilmaster stretch wrapper
Coilmaster stretch wrapper for steel coil protector packing

Solution 1

GS400 for all 5 items

The wrapping station could be movable. The heavy wire coil could be loaded and introduced on the roll base via electrical hoist. And the wrapping station moves to the working position for packing. It is easy to install. No installation pit is required.


Price: USD   FOB Shanghai

Solution 2

GD400 for all 5 items

Commonly it needs a installation pit. Like the photo below, the unloading roller is close to the ground. So do you accept digging a pit for this machine?


Price: USD  FOB Shanghai
Solution 3


For better wrapping effect, we suggest using two machines.

Use GS 300 for item 1, 2, 3, 4


Steel coil packaging machine
Steel coil packaging machine


For horizontal orbital wrapping Item 5, we recommend using GD400 like solution 2.


Price: USD



Conveyor with coil tilter for handling


coil tilter,upender

coil upender,coil tilter

Mould Tilter & Upender

Coil Tilter& Upender
  upender tilter,upender

Coil Upender/tilter

Spool/Drum Tilter

hydraulic upender

coil tilter,upender

Hydraulic Upender/Tilter

Load Inverters



Unit attributes the exclusive heavy-obligation Flo-Grasp breaker bar bulk bagging machine system to promote content circulation. A discharge spout closure system swiftly halts content flow for partial bag discharge, enabling bag to be retied and removed. Device contains the unique 316 stainless steel Seal-Master round bag spout accessibility chamber with gull wing doors for straightforward operator access. Device functions a stainless metal spout clamping program for dust-tight material discharge, and a 316 stainless metal discharge changeover with entry hatch, flanged screen, and a flanged dust take off. Method contains pneumatic piping utilizing 304 stainless metal rigid air lines.
First conveyors transportation the product on a slight incline with curve then more than energy transfers, transitions, and a item turner. The item turner can rotate bags as needed, or can be adjusted for straight working product, depending on the customer’s requirements.

The item then travels via a checkweigher and steel detection program that Multi-Conveyor in coil tilter and handling equipment has integrated into the line. The Fhopepack’s seal packing machine  go via a compression belt to distribute item evenly for stacking and packing reasons. A retractable noser, complete with servo driven prolong and retract for discharge, carefully releases the flexible baggage onto a lower belt touring at a proper angle. The reduced belt has adjustable, multi-lane dividers that can be established up to handle both two or four lanes of product.

Multi-Conveyor gives all controls including touchscreen functionality, variable frequency drives , servo drives and other gadgets as necessary although using UL outlined components, NEMA four enclosures and lodging as required.

automatic steel tube packing machine, pipe packing machine
automatic steel tube packing machine, pipe packing machine

Totally immediately, it will compile the required pack at the proper time and amount. Thanks to its modular style, the changeover among distinct kinds of packs is done within minutes. With a rated speed of up to 52,000 containers/hr., the Varioline inserts free containers in multipacks and wraparound cartons.

steel coil packaging line and cooper packaging machine

coil packaging line for steel, copper
Automatic coil handling and packaging solution for steel coil, copper coil, wire coil…


FHOPEPACK provides packaging solution for the coil handling, strapping, stacking, wrapping for your automatic system which helps your saving cost and operation safety.


Our team suggests high speed coil packaging solution which can protect against the effects of moisture and oxygen during stacking and transportating.

coil stretch wrapper

coil wrapping machine and stretch wrapper
coil wrapping machine and stretch wrapper


Coil packing machine equipment is a specific ring kind of successful equipments for coils through eye packaging. There are unique forms coil packer which is able to supply a nic packing resolution for coils..For soil packing machine or coil wrapping equipment, the speed of ring and rollers are adjustable to accommodate components by inverters. It is the most effectiveness devices for coil objects packaging, which meets the prerequisite for higher packaging rates and minimum space and decrease labor expenditures.
These a coil packaging equipment masking restricted layer of movie, paper, cloth…more than all surfaces
of coils with with controllable overlap .

Automatic hose coiling and strapping machine line


Automatic hose coiling and strapping machine for your hose, pipe …

There’s a lot of coil packing machine in industry—pipe coil packing, hose coil packaging…

Recently, fhopepack, a research-based coiling and strapping ,

Automatic hose/pipe coiling and strapping machine are the  equipment for hose coil packaging plant floor and will continue to do the packaging online.  According to the report, the use of automatic coiling machine in pipe coil/hose coil packaging operations is less than double to 5% in 2015.

To cope with growth in demand for reducing the labor cost in hose coiling and packing, Automatic coiling machine is a good handling equipment.




Mastercoil packing machine



coilmaster stretch wrapper
Coilmaster stretch wrapper for steel coil protector packing

One of biggest coil packing machine designed for master coil packaging.


It also named master coil stretch wrapper, coil stretch wrapper, jumbo coil packing machine… It is a orbital wrapper with eye through type packaging to protecting the coil by vci film, paper, hdpe…

The solution can be designed for max.50T.


You are welcome to visit our factory and demo the machine.

coil wrapping machine for steel coil


Coil wrapping machine for heavy coil handling and packaging.


It is coil wrapper  with trolley for coil packing by eye through type packaging.

Coil size:                OD                       ID                                          Width                    Weight

700-1800mm        400-600mm                        100-800mm       100-2000kg


Special solution available per different size of steel coil, copper coil, aluminum coil…

We offered thousands coil wrapper per different package from 1998.

Fhopepack and ipack 2015

Exhibitors supplied good feedback indicating a great company environment, higher top quality of the item show, satisfaction with product sales overall performance, and several new contacts made.

Worldwide participation was also highly appreciated: it accounted for 25% of the total with participants from 133 nations, with growing figures from Asia (+60%), North The united states (+fifty four%), and Central and Latin The usa (+40%). Arrivals from Africa (+fourteen%) and Europe (+fifteen%) also grew by two digits.

This certain edition of IPACK-IMA, held in conjunction with the Milan EXPO 2015, took place with an unprecedented method. It was joined by a few new “vertical” shows focusing on fresh foods products (Meat-Tech for meat, Dairytech for milk and dairy goods, Fruit Innovation for fruit and greens). This combination translated to a 15% boost in the quantity of guests in comparison to the prior version of IPACK-IMA on your own, held in 2012 coil packaging.

The event was topped off by two much more jointly held shows: the debuting Intralogistica Italia (industrial logistics), organized by Hannover Messe in cooperation with Ipack-Ima Spa and Converflex (converting and package deal printing), for the initial time held collectively with IPACK-IMA in thought of the fact that packaging provides the ideal industry situation for the improvement of the exhibition. The 6 exhibits mixed collected a total of 2,000 exhibiting organizations, 1-third of which arrived from outside of Italy.

The total amount of 108,000 presences was calculated based on the intention to go to expressed by guests on registering or buying their ticket – which gave them entry to IPACK-IMA, Meat-Tech, Dairytech, Fruit Innovation, Converflex and Intralogistica Italia. Their concurrence gave rise to a special occasion in the global circumstance for comprehensiveness of the product screen.

Visiting behavior was also evaluated based mostly on the number of accesses recorded by the six reception desks for the eleven exhibition halls, which confirmed the intentions expressed in registration kinds and showed an even quantity packaging of accesses to all exhibition halls.

The seamless passage from 1 exhibition to another encouraged site visitors to visit multiple exhibits. This increased appreciation for the structure showcasing the complete offer chain and producing a strong synergy amongst the exhibits, and verified the achievement of the exhibition format.

“This authentic method supplied a comprehensive overview of the creation chain from item processing to coil packaging, from industrial logistics to printing. It was extremely appreciated by guests, who got a worldwide photo of the entire offer chain with just a single trip,” said Ipack-Ima CEO Guido Corbella. “Visitors have been also satisfied with the powerful internationality of the occasion, attested by the presence of many international exhibitors as effectively as more than five hundred going to consumers – 270 of whom hosted thanks to the incoming system funded by the Ministry of Economic Advancement and organized with the operational help of ICE Agenzia, the Italian agency for foreign trade – which included IPACK-IMA amongst the B2B exhibitions considered as international platforms for created-in-Italy products”. The Iranian delegation, particularly large, purchased a substantial sum of equipment. “This proves – additional Corbella – the dynamism of the business, ready to seize the business possibilities developed by geo-political change”.
“IPACK-IMA 2015,” states Fiera Milano CEO Corrado Peraboni, “didn’t just strengthen its position as industry leader but also launched commence-ups whose optimistic debut bodes well for the long term. In certain Fruit Innovation, held each and every year and co-organized by Fiera Milano, provided the fruit and vegetable market with the worldwide coil packaging present it required. As for Intralogistica Italia, created by Hannover Messe – thanks to the extended-standing relationship between Hannover and Fiera Milano – in cooperation with Ipack-Ima Spa crammed in the gap of an exhibition showcasing inner industrial logistics”.

coil packing machine, coil packaging
coil packing machine

Further testifying to the fact that main trade exhibitions act as hubs for their industries as effectively as accurate industrial coverage equipment, IPACK-IMA Fhopepack 2015 introduced the new countrywide organizing crew for dry pasta presented by Aidepi – the association of confectionery and pasta industries. For its part, Fruit Innovation brought collectively the entire fruit and vegetable production chain, hence advertising the coil packaging machine development of an arranging group for the relaunch and internationalization of the market.

coil packing machine and wrapping machinery

Automatic Packaging machine with wrapping Methods has launched the Autobag fhopepack Mail Buy Success Bagger, a mail purchase achievement program with a little footprint.

The Auto coil packaging machine operates mail baggage up to 22 inches wide. Bag opening coil packaging machine technologies grabs and securely grips the bag in load-ready position, making a pass-via up to 11 in. x 11 in., producing it appropriate for cumbersome or multi-merchandise orders. This arrangement also permits the use of a more compact, more totally filled bag to reduce material expenses.

An AutoTouch manage display screen provides quick access to occupation setup parameters, on-board diagnostics, info retrieval, performance checking, and a help method with operator tutorials.

coil packing machine
coil packing machine

A compact thermal transfer imprinter is positioned in line with the next bag to be loaded and prints high resolution graphics, textual content, bar codes, and personalised info immediately on to the bag, getting rid of the price of printing and affixing independent shipping labels. The Auto coil packaging machine totally integrates with consumer databases for personalised one:one mail buy fulfillment packing and transport.

Bag dimension changeovers can be accomplished in significantly less than 5 minutes with simplified threading and a new tension handle program that automatically centers and screens the movie during the bagging procedure. A modular bag storage shelf developed into the bagger conveniently supports real Autobag pre-opened bag-in-box supplies.