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packing material for steel coil packing machine

Please be informed that we are looking for certain packing materials which are going to be used in steel coil packing. You are kindly requested to go through the below table and send your suitable offer accordingly. Sr. No. Description UOM 1 HDPE white 100gsm (with print) Kg...
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The Wrapping machine station

The Wrapping machine station Yellow jacket stretch packaging design can complete safe shipping and protection products, to meet the customer’s every demand, manufacturers of the machine can’t do other things soon discovered the value of improved productivity and diversity, and good safety operation and ease of use also...
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slit steel coil strip packing machine

info@fhopepack.com             www.fhopepack.com       Fhopepack offers whole coil packaging systems. We are professional at strapping, wrapping and film sealing of machines and materials industries. Fhope offering will not only provide you extremely high quality packaging materials but also a kind of art technology,in order to fulfill our goal that...
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coil packing machine forbearing die

Characteristics of the part with which it is part to quoteMaximum weight of 450 kg of the forged partMaterial of the piece: Titanium alloyThe initial interest is to handle work pieces with the following characteristics:Outside diameter: 1335 mmInner Diameter: 1000 mmThickness: 12 mmHeight: 390 mmMaximum weight: 350 kg (forged ring)In the future we would like to handle ring-shaped workpieces with the following characteristicsOutside diameter: 800 – 1550 mmInternal diameter: 625 – 1450Thickness: 20 – 140 mmHeight: 46 – 600 mmMax weight: 450 kg (forged ring)Material: Titanium alloys Características de la pieza con la que se parte para cotizar Peso máximo de 450 kg de la pieza forjada Material de la pieza: Aleación de Titanio El interés inicial es manejar piezas de trabajo con las siguientes características: Diámetro exterior: 1335 mm Diámetro interior: 1000 mm...
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Packaging size requirement for coil wrapping machine

宽Coil width(W):90~450mm 外径Coil outer diameter(OD): 1000-1350mm 内径Coil inner diameter(ID):508mmm 重Coil weight:100-5000kg 包材Packing material: PE /HDPE/PP/PAPER ID:50mm OD:200-450mm Width:100mm LLDPE/ /PVC ID:50mm OD:100-180mm Width:100mm Ring speed: 20- 70r/min 要求: 1. 西门子触摸屏 PLC 变频器 2. Fortress 电子锁+电源锁 3. 护栏高度1.8m 4. 双工位 5. 自动切刀机械手 we know the business. We’d like the...
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Hose coil,cable coil wrapping machine

The line coil having to wrap machine was designed for wrapping pvc,ppr line coils and also other coiled commodities. The product CE ,ISO 9001 accredited. The covered package will be well protected and sealed, and looks tidier. That may also be used regarding HDPE pipe coil wrapping as...
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Coil winding machine and packing machine

coil winding machine
Please check the answers: We are actually looking for very economical & low cost wrapping machine. Can you send quotation for simple wrapper without shuttle similar to FPS-500 , without cutting & holding mechanism (automatic material feeding) module, without HMI. ———Please check the solution offered FPS-500 and FPS-500-S...
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Steel wire coil wrapping machine

NOTE: PLEASE SEND US BY EMAIL OR FAX YOUR ORDER CONFIRMATION  Item. Quantity Unit DeAcero Code Description Revision Number Unit Price Amount % Disc. Shipping Date 1 1.0000 SET 39881123 STEEL WIRE COIL WRAPPING, JINGLIN PACKAGING MACHINERY CO. LTD, GD700 0 38,500.0000 38,500.0000 0 12/Mar/2017 Important Requirements 1.-PLEASE...
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automatic coil packing machine and tapping machine

automatic coil packing machine
info@shjlpack.com www.shjlpack.com Providing automatic packing solution for coil wrapping and coil tapping by customized solution. Control by PLC&HMI, automatic BOPP adhesive tape tapping machine, automatic positioning system. It also calls coil stretch wrapper, coil packing line and automatic coil wrapping machine…  
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