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Automatic Cable Coiling Machine

Manual spring coiling machine is an automatic spring machine which is specialized in producing all kinds of coil springs.It is suitable for wire sizes from 0.1mm to 8.0mm. We have different options models:The gt-ms B series automatic coiling spring machine (Universal) improves the accuracy, size, shape and accuracy...
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packing machine for cable coiling and strapping

Automatic packing machine information to help you better understand the solution http://push.lupacking.com/ cable coiling packing MACHINE is disclosed for use in CABLE packaging which compacting various types of materials such as cable wire or hose and pipe coil into large air-tight tubes or bags. The shrinking and strapping machine...
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Cable coiling and strapping machine trail run

MEMO FOR THE CABLE COIL PACKING machine LINE 1. Seller will provide solution for wire cable OD:6-24mm in coil ID:320mm OD: 420mm Width:80mm with proper wrapping. 2. Seller will check the solution of provision for the pusher in the machine can fix or not. 3. Following equipment are...
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cable coiling machine and packing machine

We are terrible sorry to make the delay again for cable coiling machine and packing machine. It is our wrong assessment on the production solution for the OD:800mm. According our technical team’s  initial solution, the machine will be enlarged base on standard machine OD:700mm. So it can be done within 70days....
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cable coiling machine and coil packaging line

We added a few notes and miscellaneous information to your cable coiling machine drawing and submitted it to our customer. We still need the foundation information from you. At this time, I would proceed with manufacturing, but please send us the foundation information as soon as possible. Brian...
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auto cable coiling and wrapping machine

coiling machine and wrapping machine
plz refer our tel talk today and send us possibility top supply auto coiling +wrapping machine asper below specs:- Machine should be Suitable for cable having diameter Minimum 4 MM & Maximum 24 MM Cable Weight for 100 Meter Roll Maximum Weight 100 Kgs Coil ID – 200...
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Automatic cable coiling and wrapping packing line

Cable coiling and wrapping machinery
  Automatic cable coiling and wrapping packing line http://www.fhopepack.com/Cable_packing_machine.html There are different cable packing solution very from size of cable, weight of coil, width… Our team will help you find the best solution for your packaging target
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