Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine for Steel Coil

Fhopepack produces a range of durable, rugged and highly reliable stretch wrapping machines to help protect your valuable products. Let’s help you determine the best machine for your application and budget. Depending on the needs of your product and pallet packaging, the fhopepack offers semi – and fully automated modes, turntable, turntable tower, and track configurations.
Fhopepack specializing in the manufacture of automatic stretch packaging machine, semi-automatic pallet packing machine. With more than 30 years of experience, you can count on Fhopepack stretch film machinery. If you are looking for durable equipment to meet your industry needs, look forward to Fhopepack. Rugged and efficient stretch film machinery is manufactured to help you protect every product. Take risks out of delivery, and the production of each product will remain secure and customer satisfaction safe. When you select our automatic packer, pallet packing machinery, you use durability and reliability each time.Semi automatic stretch packaging fhopepack packaging integrated production line to guess you choose semi automatic stretch packaging machine. These semi-automatic tray packages allow you to see increased efficiency on your winding line.The semi-automatic stretch wrapper from the fhopepack has been divided into three different categories. These include semi-automatic turntable tensile packaging machines, semi automatic turret stretch packaging and Flex series conveyor belt double station stretch packaging machines.

Contact Fhopepack today to see how we can help you to make your costs down and your profitability.Give your fhopepack sentry pre stretched film at the entry-level price to deliver strength and power. Do not stretch by lower tensile packaging machinery. This wastes not only the tensile film, but also the traffic failure load. In fact, today’s modern thin-film designs are stretched from 200% to 300% for maximum performance and economics.

The sentry is equipped with a 200% power pre stretched membrane rack that will help you save costs and give you a higher membrane tension than manual packaging or packaging machinery. The sentry is reliable, trouble free steel structure, heavy components and reliable electronic products to serve you.

Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine for Steel Coil



Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine with Top Sheet Dispender

A Fhope top film machine is placed in the FA FA lap automatic packaging system process area. The load enters the processing area, pulls a sheet from the supply roller and sits at the top of the load. At this point, as the boom rises, the FA begins to cycle slowly until the sheet at the top is completely wrapped and then activated in the high speed mode until the entire load is wrapped.
In accordance with the preferred embodiments of the present invention, the roller packing machine has a structure for supporting a wrapping roll of paper above the wrapping paper. A vacuum case is provided between the packing station and the packing roller. The lower end of the box is arranged near the lower part of the roll to be packed on the packing station, and the upper end of the box is positioned at the upper end and the back part of the lower end. A roller is mounted around its central axis, parallel to the upper end of the box, spaced apart, and the other roller is mounted on its central axis, aligned in parallel with the lower end of the box. The wrapping surface is provided with a plurality of elongated grooves extending perpendicularly to the roll surface. A plurality of air permeability zone around the infinite cylinder, each with around a slot. An air pump is connected to the box, which extracts air from the box and draws air into the box through the belt and trough so that a portion of the wrapping paper is placed flat thereon. The drive motor is connected to a roller moving belt, and the wrappingpaper holds Fiat on it, down the guide rail surface, wrapping the wrapping paper from the following path toward the packing station to collect the lower end of the box.

Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine with Top Sheet Dispender

Automatic rotate arm stretch wrapper per inquiry


  1. No
Requirements Description
•   General Information
1.1 Description This stretch wrapping machine equipment will be used for wrapping master carton of export products.
1.2 Utilization Intended   for   a   maximum   uninterrupted   intermittent utilization of 24hrs/day
1.3 Room Condition The room of installation will have the following environment:Room temperature     :  NMT28 0C


Relative humidity      :  NMT60% Zoning                        :“D”Grade

•   Functional Requirements



Design Parameters


•    Rotate arm stretch wrapping Machine should be easy to carry.


•    Turn Plate(Speed):0-20r/min


•    Lifting Unit:Height controlled by photoelectric switch

•    Air Pressure(Kg/Cm2):4-6.


•    Gas Consumption:0.7m.


•    Diameter of Rotary Table:   400mm/Hr


•    Turntable speed can be adjustable.


•    Table height:600-650mm.


•    Height adjust ment should be flexible.


•    Column Height:1200-1250mm


•    Loading Capacity:Maximum60Kg


•    All movement sshould be independent to ensure instant winding.




  1. No
Requirements Description
•    Wrapper Specifications 

¾   Cater Corner:0~900mm


¾   Height:500~650mm


•    Have capacity to prevent damage of the goods.


•    Film Specification:


¾   Width:100-500mm.


¾   Thickness:15-25μm


¾   Stretchrate:100%-300%.


¾   Toxicity:Film should be free from to xi city.


•    Work Noise:≤75DB.

•   UtilityServices
3.1 Electrical requirements  

•    Power Supply:AC220V,50Hz,1000Watt


•    Phase:1Phase.

•   ValidationAspects
4.1 Installation, commissioning and support requirements •   Delivery:  5  to  6  weeks  after  receipt  of  confirmed order&LC.•   DQ-IQ-OQDocuments.


•   Recommended   Spares:   Necessary   spares   for   2


Years smooth operation.


•   Manufacturin gdefect will be repaired or replaced at free of charge based on the provisions of  warranty policy.

•   MOCCertificates.