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Aluminum packing machine automatic line solution

As a manufacturer, we are capable provide the solution per your need. And we had provided similar aluminum profile packing  machine equipment too. The aluminum profiles which are extruded in a length of around 140 to 200 feet are being transferred on a roller conveyor which moves the...
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Aluminum profile packaging line and strapping machine

Dear Sir, First of all thank you for kind reply. Our profile sizes are as following; Length : between 1500mm-7000mm Width : between 20mm-250mm Height : between 20mm-150mm Pieces for one package : Changeable P.S:Above sizes are for approximately one profile.(Not for one package with more than one...
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Aluminum profile packaging line automatic

  In my aluminum packing line,The “printer” (machine n°1) is for marking pieces so the stacking system should accumulate from 10 to 30 or even more pieces to complete 1.4m of width, which is the same width of our racking boxes. In the case of the packing machines...
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aluminum profile wrapping machine

aluminum profile wrapping and packing machine
  Fhopepack providing automatic aluminum profile packing machine for your aluminum package. You can find more information following:  http://www.fhopepack.com/Aluminum_wrapping_machine.html   There are packing material for aluminum packing also.Usually it is stretch film, PE film… for protecting the surface of the aluminum profile.   This is a aluminum profile...
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