Professional Roller Station for Big Coil Packing

“We’ve been working with free Jan Martin for years,” said Tom Thayer, a regional manager at Wilton strip. We talked with her about the idea of a stretched coil, and she went out and found the equipment, stretch packs and corrugated material. She visited our factory regularly. We set up a team of maintenance and engineering personnel who became part of it early last year.”
Martin explained that she had worked with most of the Weirton for 11 years and that she had been and distributors of paper products, packaging and transportation materials. “In the past, Weldon treatment in iron and steel industry professional dealers,” she said. “We never really had the opportunity to take part in such a project. We provide the tape and cleaning Weldon but we are not involved in professional packaging, until the last few years.”
Martin focuses on packaging applications, but over the years she has learned more about the steel industry. “I opened my ears and eyes,” she explains. “What’s my point? I think Wilton can do better.”. They are close to their big dealers and put forward an affordable system that can be quickly built up. I asked for a chance to see what we can do, Craig and I sat together to know the expected Weldon equipment. We started the project with Wulftec and the project.”
Pull deposits
Martin realized that “no one tried to develop a stretch pack that could really seal the coils.”.” She worked with Weirton and suppliers to find a solution. Free and Wilton developed fiber core and corrugated doughnut helps to wrap up in more economical packaging equipment.
“Coil an average weight of about 36 pounds and measures 42 inches wide,” notes Wilton M. Searl horowitz. The tensile wrapper protects the cocoon from being placed on the cocoon”.
With more than a year of experience in stretching packaging, Wilton achieved some key advantages under his belt. “We produce about 24 coil wrapped in a year, the two machines.

Professional Roller Station for Big Coil PackingĀ 


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