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Pallet wrapping machinery

Fhopepack manufactures many durable, tough and extremely reliable stretch wrapping equipment to help you safeguard your useful product. Let us help you decide the best device for your application and price range. Depending on your product and pallet wrapping needs, Orion delivers semi and fully computerized models inside turntable, rotary tower and also orbital configurations.
pallet wrapping machine including a wrapping film handling mechanism according to any one of claims 1 to 16, said pallet wrapping machine further including a said turntable rotatable about a first upright axis for supporting a loaded pallet carrying goods to be wrapped, said turntable carrying said wrapping film gripping mechanism at or adjacent a peripheral edge of said turntable for rotation with said turntable, said pallet wrapping machine further including plastic wrapping film dispensing means having mounting means for a roll of plastic wrapping film whereby said roll of plastic wrapping film is rotatable about a second upright axis with said plastic wrapping film being dispensed therefrom when a said loaded pallet is wrapped, first drive means for moving said plastic wrapping film dispensing means in a movement direction parallel to or coincident with said second upright axis selectably upwardly or downwardly along said movement direction, and press means to press a tail end of said plastic wrapping film against film already wrapped onto said loaded pallet at a height spaced upwardly from said pallet.