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pallet wrapping and machine film requirement

PET Strap

length(m)width(mm)thickness(mm)Breaking Strain price (kg) weight(n/w) weight(g/w)     NO

600120.6smooth/clear320kg                                                 50

600120.6embossed /clear320kg                                                                             50

2,400,120.6smooth/clear320kg                                                               50

2,400,120.6embossed /clear320kg                                                               50

1200160.9embossed/clear620kg                                                                              50

1200160.9smooth/clear620kg                                                               50

2500120.9embossed/clear2900N                                                               50

900191smooth/clear820kg                                                               50

900191embossed/clear820kg                                                               50

600251embossed /clear967kg                                                              25


PP Strap

length(m)width(mm)thickness(mm) Type/color Breaking Strain price (kg) weight(n/w) weight(g/w) NO

3000120.63bule machine130                                                               50

3000120.63black machine130                                                50

3000120.63clear machine130                                                50

1000120.8bule hand130                                                50

1000150.8bule hand130                                                              50

1000190.8blue  hand270                                                              50




Stretch Film

1  STRETCH WRAP BUNDLE FILM NATURAL 100mm*250m*20um- ,COLOUR: Natural-Clear transparentno-500

2  PREMIUM STRETCH PALLET WRAP   500mm*500m*20um  , COLOUR: Natural-Clear        transparentno 50

3  PREMIUM STRETCH PALLET WRAP  500mm*500m*23um , COLOUR: Natural-Clear-transparentno50

4  PREMIUM STRETCH PALLET WRAP , 500mm*500m*25um , COLOUR: Natural-Cleartransparentno 50

5 Powerwrap UV Hand 25 500mm x 380m  clear-no50

6 Powerwrap UV Machine 30 500mm x 1000m     clearno 50

PowerWrap Machine 20 500mm x 1600m                           Clear no50

PowerWrap Machine 23 500mm x 1400m               clear no50

PowerWrap Machine 25 500mm x 1300m              clearno50

Machine Film 25 500mm x 1200m                              blackno50

Pallet Wrap – 500mm x 1780m x 20um               clearno50

Machine Wrap – 500mm x 1125m x 25um              clearno50

Machine Pallet Wrap – 500mm x 1420m x 23umclearno50

Machine Film – 500mm x 2400m                             clearno50

Security Pallet Wrap – 500mm x 375m x 25um blackno50

Security Pallet Wrap – 500mm x 300m x 20um blackno50Packing Tape

Model No.Product NamePhotoDescriptionColorPackagingMOQFactory price

1. Material: BOPP Width: 48mm Length: 160m/roll      clear500 rolls

2. Material: BOPP  Width: 48mm  Length: 75m/roll            clear                             -500 rolls