Customized wrapping solution manufacturer

Tyre Packaging Machine with technical support

Fhope to provide packaging solutions for the tire industry. We work with your company to develop innovative, cost-effective products to address packaging problems that may cause damage to the product. Our mechanical experts can provide you with the best protective packaging machine for your tires. Features: 1. High packaging efficiency.

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small cable coil wrapping machine for ID 120MM

  The wire cable coil wrapping machine for min ID:90mm which is the customized solution available for the very small ID coil packaging. fhopepack provides automatic cable coil wrapping machine for small size cable wire coil. The Min. ID can be 90mm 100mm, 120mm… The special solution is available  

Full-automatic Tyre Wrapping Machine

The bicycle tyre packing machine is suitable for tyres and other similar products. Fully automatic processing: once the tires are placed in the locating wheel and the package is wrapped in place, select the speed setting, and press the fully automatic button to activate the packaging process. The clearance of

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Automatic aluminum stacking machine packing line  It is a auotmatic aluminum stacking system with crane type handling. The packing line is able automatic feeding the timber with precise position. The machine can be connect to wrapping machine, strapping machine…

Orbital Stainless Steel Coil Wrapper in China

Fhopepack offers steel coil packaging machines that can enhance your sewing plates from different materials. It is a packaging solution by intuitive packaging, and it is a flexible and efficient packaging equipment. There are improvement plans according to your needs. It provides our team with specific requirements for copper coils,

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Automatic Horizontal Profile Wrapper

Fhope WRAPPER is suitable for industrial production and even 6 meters long shafts, pipes and profiles, aluminum or other metals or polyvinyl chloride, it can not be easily protected with manual packaging due to its weight and very long nature. Using 2 kilowatts of installed power, the machine can be

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Automatic Hose Coil Packing Machine

In the Fhope pipe automatic coiling department, specializing in the production of automatic tube and hose coiling system. Pipe coiling machine and hose winding machine winding binding system for all kinds of plastic pipes, hoses, pipes and pipes. Our solution can be used instead of manual or semi-automatic take-up. Through

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Aluminum packing machine automatic line solution

As a manufacturer, we are capable provide the solution per your need. And we had provided similar aluminum profile packing  machine equipment too. The aluminum profiles which are extruded in a length of around 140 to 200 feet are being transferred on a roller conveyor which moves the profiles towards

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orbital horizontal stretch wrapping machine with spacer feeding

  1.Protect the package and eliminate damage Using the Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper and ring type wrapping machine, LLDPE stretch film is extended as it is applied and packing requirement. Once stretch film is around the package, it contracts and enclose just like a rubber band, to keep the compression

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Professional pallet turner with good performance

Single clamped type 180 degree inverter. Loading and forklift floating. An FS inverter with a 2 ton capacity can be built in 3 standard jaws with size, lever, button, remote or automatic control, or it can be built exactly as you specifications. All FS inverters are painted with two zinc

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