horizontal orbital stretch wrapper for wire mash

Orbital stetch wrapper for wire mash
Orbital stetch wrapper for wire mash




OD: 400-700mm    ID:300mm  Width:10-200mm

There are three options for above coils.


  1. GS200 eye horizontal wrapping

Operation: Loading by manually


  1. GW200 eye vertical Orbital wrapping

Loading & unloading by manual or crane




OD:800-1200mm     ID:400-510    Width:100-250mm


a. GS300 eye horizontal wrapping

Loading by manually, Unloading by pushing system

  1. GW300 eye vertical wrapping

Automatic wrapping machine with conveyors.( Coil tilter is a optional)


1.What is the exact difference between semi auto and auto.

  1. Semi auto: select wrapping position,Orbital stretch wrapping position reinforcement,required wrapping layers…should be operated manually by pressing the buttons.The operator can not leave the machine while it is running.
  2. Auto:Just need pressing the “start” button,then the total wrapping process would be complished automatically since the PLC helps you to set the required program in advance.You can also re-set the wrapping program easily on operation panel.(USER’S MANUAL will give the details).



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