Chinese definite prohibit packing machine

‘Referring particularly towards the sketches, where like reference point character types have been used during the entire many landscapes to specify like elements, I0 designates a pedestal of tubular design installed on any appropriate bottom, not shown. The pedestal III has pivotally installed therein a straight originate Il. An higher area of the Apedestal sectional `view by means of taken ai I0 has .xed thereto a collar I2 which can be `secured in modified connection thereon by way of a thumb screWt-III. The collar I 2 has set thereon an upand .tlelfree outer conclusion thereofy is created by using a .vertially-stretching out ‘sleeve I6, the goal of 1|8’for a definite obstruct I9.- Therefore, the reduce end I3 may be so tweaked as to end the arm sleeveA and I5 I6 when the very same are incredibly situated that the sleeve I 6 overlies the prevent I9 axially thereof.

The sleeve I6 has fixed thereon adjoining the upper edge thereof a pair of laterally-spaced lhorizontal periodicals 23 through which is journaled a shaft 24. The shaft 24has fixed thereon between thejournals 23 a pinion 25. A single conclusion in the shaft 24 extends laterally outwardly of the sleeve I6 which is shaped having a crank 26, where to spin the shaft and pinion. The homes 2U carries a up and down-disposed carrier 21 shaped using one area there- .of in operative fine mesh with the pinion 25, by which rotation in the shaft 24 brings about top to bottom altering .activity of the property 20 within the sleeve I6. The sleeve I5 might be up and down slotted, as at 31, to allow for the vertical movements in the rack 21. The lower stop of your property 20 runs belowthe sleeve I 6 and has repaired thereto by any ideal means 2l a packing brain 22 which preferably considerably conforms on the interior proportions of the fungus container I8, whereby upon downward movement .from the sleeve 2D, the top 22 is delivered into operative proposal together with the mildew -obstruct I9. l

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