Automatic furniture stretch wrapper and orbital wrapping machine

horizontal wrap machine

  Automatic furniture stretch wrapper and orbital wrapping machine. Automatic horizontal orbital stretch wrapper and wrapping machine for big packages film wrapper with good tension control and well protection the products. It is good for furniture, door, window, panel…    

Aluminum profile packing machine and wrapping machine

Our Orbit collection provides high-speed as well as high-performance on basic horizontal equipment that can be put into existing to operate cells or perhaps integrated outlines. The Orbit is really a rotating diamond ring machine with regard to spiral gift wrapping elongated goods. The machine comes with electro-welded mesh basic

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horizontal stretch wrapper for steel tube

    Fhopepack Horizontal tube orbital wrapping machine is mainly used to packaging of steel pipe, rods, copper pipe, profile…  It is one of basic solution for long shape objecsts which help you improving the packing speed.

aluminum profile wrapping machine

aluminum profile wrapping and packing machine

  Fhopepack providing automatic aluminum profile packing machine for your aluminum package. You can find more information following:   There are packing material for aluminum packing also.Usually it is stretch film, PE film… for protecting the surface of the aluminum profile.   This is a aluminum profile wrapping machine,

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horizontal stretch wrapper for long package

It is horizontal stretch wrapper is a stretch wrapping solution for long shape objects such as pipe, tube, rod, profile… The custom build solution will be made for your packaging goal.