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Automatic Horizontal Profile Wrapper

Fhope WRAPPER is suitable for industrial production and even 6 meters long shafts, pipes and profiles, aluminum or other metals or polyvinyl chloride, it can not be easily protected with manual packaging due to its weight and very long nature. Using 2 kilowatts of installed power, the machine...
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Full-automatic Rod Film Wrapping Machine

Sa-106-2 is suitable for group packing bottles, such as water, canned food, beverage. The transparent PE shrink film (each top and bottom film bracket) or printed PE film (only the top film cradle) can easily change the encapsulation matrix between modules. It contains two packaging lines, which can...
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Orbital Horizontal Film Wrapping Machine

Horizontal rail stretch packaging / packaging machines are designed for straight objects. It has achieved success in special-shaped products, tubes, plates and other industries. Flat knitting machine is used for steel tube packing, aluminum profile packing, door and window packing, bar packing, panel packing, etc…. It is high...
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Automatic Panel Packing Line

Fhopepack offers automatic packaging lines and automated packaging systems for each customer’s requirements. The equipment can be connected with the production line, share the product information and realize automatic packaging. The automatic packaging line will be designed according to different products. Applicable to steel coil, coil, copper ring,...
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Automatic Profile Wrapping and Bundling Machine

The design of the automatic aluminum profile packaging line is entirely based on the actual production needs of the users. It is an aluminum package package designed to provide online packaging solutions. Achieve the following aspects.Full automatic aluminum packaging solutions include profiles, aluminum strips, profiles, aluminum bags…The aluminum...
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Professional Board Packing and Stacking Machine

Automatic board packing line includes conveyor, plate, vacuum hoist, stacker, binding machine, panel, panel, panel or panel packing machine, shrinkage machine, flat bed machine. It is an automatic panel packing system solution that is designed for boards, MDF, and PVC panels……For automatic online packaging. The standard design of...
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Orbital Horizontal stretch wrapper for motor and tray

World class developing service company having a big processing as well as machining of OEM/ODM firm support. Our company specializes in substantial-technological development assembly, advancement, manufacture, design and running career fields. Formosa Engineering World-wide delivers businesses enterprise assistance to support client enhance competitors in developing an outsourcing techniques...
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Aluminum profile packing machine and wrapping machine

Our Orbit collection provides high-speed as well as high-performance on basic horizontal equipment that can be put into existing to operate cells or perhaps integrated outlines. The Orbit is really a rotating diamond ring machine with regard to spiral gift wrapping elongated goods. The machine comes with electro-welded...
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Horizontal wrapping machine shipping

horizontal wrap machine
Thank you for the email advise below. Please submit final payment invoice so we can get that ball rolling (as noted in email below, balance payment requires 3-4 working days for processing and we have scheduled cheque run dates to adhere to as well). Please note we need...
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