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Automatic wire compactor and strapping machine

    Solid structure, firm and durable. 2) 1. PLC control for compacting and strapping 2. The speed of ring and rollers are adjustable by inverters 3. Providing I/O interface. 4. Packing material tension can be adjusted by special brake device. 5. Separate electrical box for safe operation...
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customized designing for wrapping machine

With the attachment we describe our requirement. We would appreciate receiving from you a proposal. With kind regards, Filled with bitumen, this crate must be conditioned for open air storage for a period of up to 6 months. For this purpose, we consider wrapping the crate with a...
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Automatic wire compressing machine

http://www.fhopepack.com/Stretch%20wrapping%20machines/Automatic-packing-machine/Automatic%20wire%20coil%20compactor%20with%20strapping%20machine.jpg [下午2:37, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: This is Andrey from Russia [下午2:37, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: We discussed wire compressing machine  and pscking line [下午2:38, 2017年4月21日] 刘小明: hello [下午2:39, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: I waiting your answer on my mail [下午2:39, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: About design of the wire carrier [下午2:40, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: Suitable for strapping machine [下午2:47, 2017年4月21日] 刘小明: OK [下午2:49, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: Also make offer consisting of...
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Coil wrapping machine and strapping machine

We are into steel manufacturing of Coated steel roll coils. We are looking for Steel Coil Wrapping & Strapping machine. The details is as follows: Steel coil ID(mm) 508 Steel coil OD(mm) 500-800 Steel coil width(mm) 900-1500mm Steel wire coil Weight(Kg) 5-10 TONS. Packing material PVC/LLDPE/PE/PAPER/HDPE I hope...
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automatic stretch wrapping machine with robot

coiling machine
They want to make sure the depth of the ring+frame is not over 100mm ?——-100mm is ok, but it not includ the film roll size. In the video, they don’t see the film cutter and attacher (for initial wrapping) work. Please send us the video about this functions.—–From...
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Aluminum profile packaging line price

Yes, it is right we need to design film banding machine per 300x200mm, also wrapping machine. But you said 20:25 Price around 220.000 usd 186 too expensive Italian brand 245.000 usd We can sell all over in the turkey market You must give promotional price 20:29 The price...
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