Aluminum profile packaging line price

Yes, it is right we need to design film banding machine per 300x200mm, also wrapping machine.

But you said


Price around 220.000 usd

186 too expensive

Italian brand

245.000 usd

We can sell all over in the turkey market

You must give promotional price


The price is only USD242,500, Master orbital wrapper is an option.

With out orbitsl

If you tell 220.000

Customer will buy


As you know, at the begining the roughly price offered is app.220,000USD which is our standard aluminum profile packing machinery

It works for max.bundle size, 200x200mmAnd without tapping machine

Besiddes, the profile length is from 4-6m

We will sell all turkey market

Pls help me


Now per your special need, i only add $42,500. Do you know how much the machine changed? a. the banding machine from 3 set to 4 set, and ring is bigger b. wrapping machine bagger c. whole machine size enlarge 5m d. bundling machine need 1-2 more arms which is for 2-8m. More importation, there is one more automatic tapping machine…

You can check with any supplier, what is an automatic tapping machine cost.

honestly, i didn’t add the price. What offered is a rock bottom one.


That is the best one my boss give to me.

As a sales, i’d like to help you also help myself to catch the order. That is what i can do per your need.


Bro please work with your team and send to me your latest offer with technical data. And exact drawinh

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