Automatic Wire Rod compacting and strapping machine

       Solid structure, firm and durable.

2)        Special designing for compacting wire coil with rack

3)        Soft start and stop.

4)        Compacting driven by hydraulic.

5)        Special transmission mechanism adopted, safe and stable.

6)        Conveyor for loading and unloading

7)        Multiple limit protection makes the machine more safe.

8)        The machine stops automatically.

9)        Obligating position for manually strapping.

10)    Two way back pressure technical, ensure smooth transition during shifting of gravity.

customized designing for wrapping machine

With the attachment we describe our requirement. We would appreciate receiving from you a proposal.

With kind regards,

Filled with bitumen, this crate must be conditioned for open air storage for a period of up to 6 months. For this purpose, we consider wrapping the crate with a vertical operating wrapping machine in plastic film before filling it with bitumen. After filling the crate, we close the top side with a plastic sheet. This wrapping must prevent rain water from dropping into the crate and it must protect the sides from humidity, affecting the OSB material. From the bottom, protection may not be required. We will have to wrap up to 10 crates per hour. Labour cost at place of operation is low. Decorative and/or aesthetic considerations should be disregarded.

We are looking for an economic solution and would appreciate to receiving your proposal.

Automatic wire compressing machine

[下午2:37, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: This is Andrey from Russia
[下午2:37, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: We discussed wire compressing machine  and pscking line
[下午2:38, 2017年4月21日] 刘小明: hello
[下午2:39, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: I waiting your answer on my mail
[下午2:39, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: About design of the wire carrier
[下午2:40, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: Suitable for strapping machine
[下午2:47, 2017年4月21日] 刘小明: OK
[下午2:49, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: Also make offer consisting of automatic strapping(steel), uncoiling, weghting, and packing of the coil
[下午2:49, 2017年4月21日] 刘小明: we will show some drawing, but the size should be decision by your self
[下午2:49, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: Yes its clear
[下午2:50, 2017年4月21日] 刘小明: normally we using PET strapping for wire coik
[下午2:51, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: Pet no so strong as steel
[下午2:51, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: And can be damagged very easy
[下午2:52, 2017年4月21日] 刘小明: May i have your wire coil picture?
[下午2:53, 2017年4月21日] 刘小明: Steel belt strapping is very expensive
[下午2:53, 2017年4月21日] 刘小明: please let me know compressing force required for compacting too
[下午3:18, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: Yes i know you have send me prices
[晚上7:34, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: Vincent
[晚上7:34, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: Your client use basket as you send me?
[晚上7:35, 2017年4月21日] 刘小明: this is the automatic strapping solution basket.
[晚上7:35, 2017年4月21日] 刘小明: our client using a more complicated one.
[晚上7:36, 2017年4月21日] 刘小明: the base with one more plate
[晚上7:38, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: For me now not clear hot to wind wire on this basket
[晚上7:39, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: How we will use it on galvanazing line
[晚上7:40, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: May you give me detail about possible reference visiting?
[晚上7:41, 2017年4月21日] Andrey: Which tipe of line and wich type of production you pack here?
[晚上7:45, 2017年4月21日] 刘小明:
[晚上7:46, 2017年4月21日] 刘小明: please check the video which shows the basket.
[晚上7:47, 2017年4月21日] 刘小明: You need to modify the winding machine per basket too.
[晚上7:48, 2017年4月21日] 刘小明: Normally, the customer using forkman to lift the basket on the infeeding conveyor for compressing

coil packing machine and painted coil wrapping machine

steel,hose,wire,coil wrapping machine

We thank you for your support in sending different options and clarifying various doubts from time to time.

This is because we want to install these type of machines in 4-5 other customer’s premises and want to be sure in selecting right machine.

Finally we selected GS300 W coil wrapping machine with stretch film wrapping, HMI & specified components but cost looks high.

We also got offer from others like Shanghai Fhope Machinery Co Ltd etc., but we want to give first preference to you keeping our long term business relationship.

Our company, NS  Sdn Bhd, is a steel manufacturing company which produces metal coated and coil painted products through our Metal Coating and Coil Paint Lines respectively.
In our Coil Line, we have Vertical and Horizontal packing in different location (but same building)

In view of this, we are planning to study
Automate packing for both Vertical & Horizontal
in same line

More information to know coil packaging machine:

1. How to choose a good suitable coil packaging machine?

2. Different materials for coil packaging.

3. Packaging solution for one of steel wire manufacturer.

coil wrapping machine for copper coil packing machine for steel strip automatic hose packing machine

We would like to inquire from you your best offer/proposal for the design (preliminary & detailed), manufacture, supply, delivery, supervision (installation & commissioning assistance) and training.
Attach the Packaging Process for your review and happy if you able to visit us for site view and discussion

Should you have any queries, please let us know.

Coil wrapping machine and strapping machine

We are into steel manufacturing of Coated steel roll coils. We are looking for Steel Coil Wrapping & Strapping machine.

The details is as follows:

Steel coil ID(mm)


Steel coil OD(mm)


Steel coil width(mm)


Steel wire coil Weight(Kg)

5-10 TONS.

Packing material


I hope this information will suffice you to give us the best possible quote for the same CIF, MUMBAI PORT, INDIA.

Our monthly production is 12,000 MT so accordingly the speed needs to be defined.

Looking forward.

automatic stretch wrapping machine with robot

  1. They want to make sure the depth of the ring+frame is not over 100mm ?——-100mm is ok, but it not includ the film roll size.
  2. In the video, they don’t see the film cutter and attacher (for initial wrapping) work. Please send us the video about this functions.—–From this video you can see the cutter and clamper clearly
  3. They want to make sure that the machine have function adjust the amount of film overlay on tube ?——Do you mean overlapping, Changing the ring speed and infeeding speed is able changing the overlapping rate.
  4. How to control the tension of the film ?——There are tension device in film roll
  5. The machine speed have automatically vary from slow – high – slow according the wrapping method. The speed each phase can control.—–By adjustment the inverter
  6. Inbound ring space is completely free open for robot coming in/out.—– ok


Hope you have received the Cable coil pics, which sent by whatsapp.

As u suggested , please provide a free platform connect with machine , so that we can unload the cable coil from Wrapping machine.

If you need any information , kindly inform us.