Full Automatic &Highly-efficient Tyre Coil Packing Machine

Coil packaging machine is a special ring type high efficiency equipment coil wrapped by eye. A coil packer is a different type of packaging machine that provides a NIC filler for the coil. This is the most efficient equipment for coil packaging to meet higher packaging rates and minimal space and lower labor cost requirements.
This volume wrapping machine covers the film, dense layer paper, on all surface fabrics…
Coil and controlled overlap. This tightly packed layer eliminates most of the air, dust, and moisture from the oversize bag. It reduces the possibility of corrosion or water spots, dust and rust, and protects the surface coils in transit. Popular machines are recognized in the market for value and machine functions. Because of its speed and beautiful packing. To find a solid structure, easy to operate and reliable quality, is Fhope roll wrapping machine.
From coil packaging machines, through coil packaging machines and related packaging membranes, Fhope provides different coil objects for packaging various rolls of packaging machines such as tubes, HDPE tubes, coils, and copper…
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Every day, Fhope model efforts, environmental packaging, bagging, erection and palletizing, and more, your customers are factories all over the world. You can rely on Fhope our gear. After years of service, we do have many loyal clients, and regular business is the cornerstone of our success. For coil winding machines, we know the business. We want to make your chances.

 Full Automatic &Highly-efficient Tyre Coil Packing Machine

Unloading Pushing Type Coil Packing Line

The machine is made of material, weaving, steel coil, wrapping paper, rust proof paper, tensile film, etc., so that the steel coil is well protected, dustproof and waterproof, and it looks neat and convenient for transportation. Gd800 car special heavy volume packaging, mobile car safe and convenient coil loading and unloading. In order to reduce the damage during transportation, its overall operation brings other logistics advantages.
Basic characteristics:
1, excellent collection. High quality brand adoption is the main component.
2. The trolley is convenient to use for loading and unloading rolls, and it is safe and reliable.
3, the height of the ring plate can be adjusted according to the outer diameter of the motor.
4.plc and HMI perform automatic operation. With simple operation, the OD, ID, width, and correction coil parameters, other parameters will be set automatically.
5. Storage paper, independent packing material, storage board.
6. The length of the packing tape is calculated automatically by the PLC according to the size of the coils.
7. Protective coil vibration and positioning roller. Polyurethane for rollers for long term use.
8. Safety operation of ring parts.
9. Manual and automatic two modes of operation can be selected.
10. The converter adjusts the overlap of the packaging tape as required.
11 、 soft start and soft stop function for safe operation.
12 overload protection.
13. Power restriction and mechanical restriction operating system.
14. The friction between the wheel and the ring is adjustable.
15. For release with a release device, avoid special brake on material folding.
16, the tension of the packaging material can be adjusted.
17 different packing materials are available.
18 、 easy to operate and maintain independent electrical control cabinet. Automatically malfunction when indicating alarm.

 Unloading Pushing Type Coil Packing Line

semiauto plastic coil winding machine and coiler

It is semi auto winding machine for plastic pipe. The coiling tension is adjustable per need. one winder or two winders are available.

These coiler & machines have different range features in common with our automatic pipe coiling and strapping machine. In some cases it can be designed to special packing and handling purpose use with changeover the spooling , coil configurations and packing material…


Automatic pipe coiler-FCL1200

We will custom design and manufacture an automatic coiling machine and pipe coiler that are able to winding the pipe&hose which covers the strapping requirement.


Horizontal wrapping machine and bundle stretch wrapper

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Automatic orbital stretch wrapper for handling the bundle package with film wrapping. It is able strap the load with some distance and do reinforce wrapping.

2.Material and Reduce Packing Costs.

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper/wrapping machines can eliminate bulky, expensive packing material in wrapping like foam, tape, shrinking wrapping, paper Knit belt, string, pet belt. The highly packing speed saves you time and labor costs. All above minimize your packaging cost.

3.Uniteze length wrapping available.

The horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine is ideal for long objects such as unitizing pipe, tube, profile, lumber, door, window, board, section,MDF wood,MDF board, textile rolls… No limited with one or more layer of stretch film or any other packing material. Over wrapping rate is adjustable according different width. You packages are protected from dust, moisture, damage。




Top Quality Upender and Tilter for Coil, Mold

The Fhope mechanism provides a simple and effective way of subverting metal coils, dies, molds, and other bulky loads. Mechanical upenders, sometimes referred to as coil locators, rotating steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, coils and other loads, through 90 degrees. They are used in a variety of production and maintenance applications.
Capacity can reach 200 tons, there are many options.
The mechanical upenders is equipped with standard configurations or customized for your particular application.
The mechanical upenders has 3 / 4 circular brackets placed on the four machined steel roller. An electric motor driving the single or double chain rotate.90 upenders capacity (also known as “Flip Flop Upenders”) is a heavy industrial hydraulic tilting frame safety subversion or the lower end of heavy, bulky, or shape strange objects in velocity control. Use a double acting hydraulic cylinder, with hydraulic power units located inside or outside the base of the turnover machine. Typical applications include coil and chip handling, engine block fabrication, coil positioning, palletizing or palletizing. The 90 degree upenders has a footprint equal to about two of the total wings or deck of the turnaround.
Fhope’s 90 degree upenders becomes the customer’s best rugged, preferred high capacity, custom industrial tilt rack. Our technical sales and design expert team specializes in providing customized, customized lean solutions for the lowest price and the shortest delivery time.

The Fhope mechanism provides a simple and effective way to subvert metal coils, dies, molds, and other heavy objects. Mechanical upenders, sometimes referred to as coil locators, rotate steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, coils and other loads through 90 degrees. They are used in a variety of production and maintenance applications.
Capacity can reach 200 tons, there are a variety of options.

Top Quality Upender and Tilter for Coil, Mold


Vertical Coil Wrapping Machine for Small Package

Fhope automatic coil packaging line to provide the level of custom packaging solutions including coil revolving door, under the German heavy, printing, packaging machine, strapping machine and palletizing machine… And special design – vertical coil packing line so that the coil is handled vertically.At the same time, we provide packaging and stacking solutions for system coils…
After decades of experience and continuous packaging machinery technology research, we have developed a series of customized coil, copper coil, coil, coil and other coil packaging line according to user requirements. The coil packing line is fully controlled by PLC. The operation is simple, the performance is stable, the work efficiency is greatly improved, and the manpower cost is saved.
The roll package design works in conjunction with the existing roll production / slitting line and achieves high efficiency packaging operations. The type of packing on this page is vertical (horizontal, horizontal) type. The system is controlled by PLC program and operated by man-machine interface. This system is mainly composed of a wishbone coil pickup system, coil car, spiral packing machine, subversion and stacking system, etc..
It can be operated with steel production line to realize coil separation, packaging, palletizing, subversion and other operations, with a wide 30mm ~ 400mm or custom size coil.The utility model relates to a full-automatic wire rope bundling machine, which comprises a wire rope compactor, a conveyer belt and a binding machine. It can handle your coil pack from the graph line to the packing line. It can separate baskets and coils online. Strapping machine with coil 3-4, depending on the size of the coil. It can replace manual work in your coil production workshop automation system. Fhopepack helps you find the best solution, according to your needs.This strapping and compacting frame, electrical cabinet, pneumatic and hydraulic device. This line includes an automatic wire rope compactor, a strapping machine, a conveyor, and a turntable…… This will be fully automated manual operation possible.The automatic strapping machine can be tied in different straps. The wire rope and the hanging basket are rotated by the rotating table and the pressing system in the binding position.

Vertical Coil Wrapping Machine for Small Package

Copper Wire Coiling and Packing Machine

FPC series copper winding machine is mainly used for packing copper wire, copper coil, cable coil, steel coil and so on. The utility model has the advantages of high efficiency and beautiful appearance of packing, and is favorable for saving labor force and improving competition ability. Fhope produces intelligent packaging items that also offer innovative ways to convey, lift, flip machines, packaging, and reduce defective rates. PLC and HMI automatic operation, and can contact the production line.Our copper coil packing machine helps to improve the packing efficiency of industrial products and adds value to your project. With our high integrity and intelligence, we will provide you with solutions and benefits with professionals and qualified application teams. And help you design personal packaging that meets and expects.This machine is designed for almost all specifications of steel wire rings. Flexible design allows your specifications to be required. It can work with stationary packing stations and load coils that can be made by cranes, Chook or trucks. The manual operation of the coil car can be carried into the packing station. You can use different coil loading methods, using coils or coils to connect the car, the dumper, the station, the winder, the conveyor. The machine can also be used for feeding and discharging. The packing position is limited by sensors located near the tramway. A mechanical device causes the packer to move around the floor track to maintain different packing stations. The support roller is driven by an electric motor and can be lifted or fixed in different machine modes when it is packaged. Copper Wire Coiling and Packing Machine