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thermal baffle Board packing machine

  Automatic thermal baffle packaging machine with automatic sealer and shrinking tunnel for automatic shrink wrap packaging.   The sealer is able cutting the film length upto 1200mm. Control by PLC Invertors for speed adjustment and motor protection. Automatic mode for products infeeding and package outfeeding online.  ...
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drawing of coil upender

1) I would send photo sensor’s brand, model No & elec power as the attachment. Please provide elec circuit diagram drawing which is added the photo sensor by tomorrow. 2) Even though we adjusted support roller of tilter correctly, the tilter still move to diagonal direction and make...
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Aluminum profile packaging system

Hope this email finds you well. http://www.fhopepack.com/Aluminum_profile_packing_line.html Have you watched these machine working videos I sent in my last email? Are you ok with the machine running? Any comments will be much appreciated. If you have any concerns or special requirements about the machine with stretch film,  please...
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