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business and packaging

What can you do with 5,000 plastic-type whisky containers or 288,000 seldom used 10mL-cup pharmaceutical vials? RepurposedMaterials founder and president Damon Carson debriefs us on the packaging component of his operations that find a home for unwanted, but usable items. Are you able to use 5,000 32oz plastic...
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New package and new packaging machine

The new packaging formats are element of a salvo of the latest products from the brand operator that make use of the popularity of Ancient greek low fat yogurt in practical, buyer-pleasant adaptable formats which include legendary heroes. The yogurt and yogurt drink industry in the U.S. and...
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your nice package

Kimberly-Clark has joined on top of seasoned designer Betsey Johnson to transform private treatment wrapping and packaging in to a style statement, each at home and on the run. The designer worked well her wonder to create enjoyable, trend-forwards containers and budget packs for that Kleenex Expression item...
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