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Economic horizontal orbital wrapping machine

Semiauto horizontal orbital stretch wrapper for profile, section, wooden, board,sheet...Customized designing is available too.

Semi auto horizontal orbital stretch wrapper S100

Pipe Wrapping Station: 
 Ring type stretch wrapping machine. 
 Adjustable drive friction and wheels. 
 Inverter for ring speed adjusting. 
 Soft start and start. 
 Ring initial point resetable. 
 Packing material tension could be adjusted. 
 Machine works for different packing material. 
 Protect guardrail for safety operation. 
 Overlapping 10%-90% Conveyor System: 
 PU covered rolls conveyor for protecting the surface of the product 
 Automatic entrance conveyor system and outlet conveyor system. 
 Conveyor adjustment function. 
 Conveyors drive by motor with gear box. 
 Speed of the conveyors is adjustable by inverter. 
Technical parameter: 
Object size: Bundle OD:50-200mm 
Entrance conveyer length: 1000mm with motor 
Outlet conveyer length: 1000mm with motor 
Speed: 4~15m/min 
Ring speed: 20-90r/min 
Power output: about 2.5kw 
Power voltage: AC 380v,60Hz 
Material: LLDPE stretch film/PE/HDPE 
Width: 200-250mm OD: 120-200mm ID: 50mm

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