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particularly palletizing and pallet packaging - play a critical role in safeguarding product in its highest value-added state for delivery to and use by customers


       Automatic pallet  wrapping machine

 The automatic pallet wrapping machine of our company has passed CE certification. It's for automatic pallet packaging requirement.



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ffers Automatic Orbital Stretch Wrappers suited to very long goods as bundles and panels. They may be built with numerous valuable options including changeable pre-stretch rate from to 300Percent, likelihood to put a top push unit for weight stabilization, included best page applier and skid applier for comprehensive product or service safety. Because of all of these functions the models are compatible with one of the most stressful software. Fhope-E horizontal wrapper is a wrapping machine equipped with turning band; it is perfect for becoming incorporated within a fully automated collection with conveyors. The machine wraps big and small packages in spiroidal routine. The pre-stretch rate is digitally adaptable from right up until 300Per cent. Options such number of film overlapping, and strengthening at distinct points of your package are provided way too. This machine can be provided with two pressure devices to control light-weight loads. User friendly Reel-Owner Model with mechanically or in electronic format tweaked pre-stretch Stainlesss steel Engagement ring Intelligent clamping, cutting and Welding system PLC OMRON management 5.6” Touchscreen HMI Auto Wrapping Software Assortment Chance to software the film overlap Film stretch in electronic format handled Minimize and welding system Approximately 60 bundles hourly Using film 15-30μm Alternatives Leading pressor Curler conveyor Electronically adjustable pre-stretch up to 300% Auto clamping system, cut & welding Maximum product size approximately 1200mm PLC operated with touch screen HMI

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