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        Horizontal stretch wrapper

particularly palletizing and pallet packaging - play a critical role in safeguarding product in its highest value-added state for delivery to and use by customers

       pallet stretch wrapper

       Automatic pallet  wrapping machine

 The automatic pallet wrapping machine of our company has passed CE certification. It's for automatic pallet packaging requirement.



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FHOPE Series: Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper




 The brand new horizontal stretch wrapping machine series for motor tray package offers the capability to develop pouches from Roll Inventory or feed Pre-Produced pouches on the same machine. Change between Roll Supply and Pre-mades by using a easy software change Operate numerous types of deals which includes: Fully stand up pouches Number of zipper possibilities 3 or 4 sided pouches Crunch base bags Quad seal off, obstruct base, stand totes Mobility for today's transforming trading markets: Perfect for simple and prolonged goes Multiple dimensions changes Quickly move machine pitches to accomplish optimum functionality CONVERTIBLE PITCH Program (CPS) One more Robert's cutting-edge horizontal stretch wrapping for motor tray technological innovation. CPS provides total convertibility wrapping in output and size on a single IMH 1000 / IMH 1500 program. Functions Intelligent satisfying and securing of countless types and styles of pre-manufactured pouches and bags, non and zippered-zippered. Sporadic movement design and style Wide size range - Retail, Club And Food Providers Styles Competent at a wide array of weight loads USDA Rinse Downward Hygienic Design and style Common Special Multi-Period "Subsequent" Funnel Stuffing Numerous Handbag Dimensions and Styles Contoured Stand up-Up Gusseted "Quad" Close Flat Base 4 and 3 Sided Close Designs Zip / Slider Assortment of punches for manages, and many others. Excellent Productivity Manufacturing Accelerates to 70 pouches each minute Servo Motor unit Knowledge in Essential Functioning Areas Pursuing funnels permit packing of difficult items and reduce product spillage Superb Production Productivity Adaptability and adaptability Swift Full Sizing Changeover (15 - 20 minutes) Convertible car from Fill up/Close to Form/Complete Seal and / process choice accessible Right and Left-hand Models Offered Portable Footprint and Economical Selling price

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