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horizontal ring wrapper





The Lupack sequence equipment are made following good quality construction and criteria specs that were enhanced and processed by way of time. The top amount of fulfillment generated throughout the world through the Lupack Auto range can make these machines the top choice of ultimate consumers, which give their products to horizontal wrapping technological innovation making use of stretch film. Due to an array of ring diameters this brand of wrapping machines manufactured by Lupopac covers entirely a wide array of wrapping requires. Lupack S is a machine that combines construction durability with leading-level auto wrapping procedures. The versatility of use and the user friendliness of Lupack S, blends rich in top quality levels that distinguishes them and spots also these Lupopac goods near the top of their classes. Set HEIGHT Buckle CONVEYOR L= 600 MM- H=800 Millimeters

INFEED AND OUTFEED PNEUMATICALLY Running Best Stress Products The vertical pressure units automatically settle in order to ensure correct stabilisation of the product during strapping. The length of the manage may be adjusted physically to help relieve location of your stress models about the goods of various levels. Reducing AND CLUMPING UNIT The automatic very reliable dual rod cutting and clamping process completely automates the wrapping procedure.

Shade TOUCH SCREEN User Interface 7" 65.000 color touch screen.

Machine controls and functions are simply managed by pushing the symbols on the screen.

 Horizontal orbital wrapping machine equipment Qualities Diamond ring rotation pace: 160 rpm Belt driven band rotation STD Spool holder with frictioned roller STD Pneumatic cool clamping/decreasing system STD Energy outfeed and infeed conveyor straps: L=600 mm STD

 Buckle width: Set-size belt: 220 mm 800 mm 0 mm 0 mm 0 mm 0 mm 00 mm Infeed and outfeed aspect instructions Choose Infeed and outfeed pressors Roller diameter: 44 millimeters Roller size: 240 mm STD Factor conveyor rate 8÷17 m/1' Compressed oxygen ingestion: 3,5 NL/cycle Power source voltage: 400 V. 3Ph N- 50/60 Hz Put in strength: ,9 KW Film spool characteristics Maximum. additional size (D): 200 millimeters Film spool level (h): 50-125 mm Film thickness: 17-50 μm Internal diameter (d): 76 millimeters 

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