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 In the production of processed coils and are eaten after this process will produce a lot of pollution, in particular solid wastes from coil and beverage packaging. Thankfully is, the EU's research and development team has successfully used the juice and beverage industry large wastewater discharges, developed a cheap, meet the standards of the EU Green biodegradable plastic technology and production processes, creating new types of biodegradable plastics are widely used in fruit juice packaging product itself, is considered to be the world's most perfect beverage and coil packaging materials. The EU's seventh research framework programmed (FP7) provide 3 million euros, the total investment in research and development 4.2 million euros, from 5 EU Member Spain (General Coordination), the Netherlands, and Bulgaria, and Belgium and Portugal, and 4 Latin American countries Mexico, and Honduras, and Brazil and Argentina scientific and technical personnel in the Fhopepack research and development team. Beginning in March 2012, committed to the available organic fruit juice beverage processing waste and wastewater research and development of extraction and production. Beverage and coil packaging materials industry of the European Union is one of the most conspicuous waste of energy and resources industries, packaging materials production demand up to 67 million tons a year, consuming energy resources do not say, which poses a serious threat to most of the packing material on ecological environment. Modern fruit juice beverage processing industry emissions in waste water, contain a high proportion of fermentable sugars, such as glucose, fructose, and maltose. Fermentable carbohydrate accounted for over 70 per cent of organic substance concentration in wastewater, is ideally inexpensive biodegradable polymers (PHB) raw material resources. FHOPE research team successfully developed bio-polymer beverage bottles or coil packaging materials, its superior properties such as mechanical strength and easy processing of scale, resistance to moisture and steam in contact with the water-insoluble, has been repeatedly examined, also includes the packaging of beverages and coil materials during storage stability, safety and quality of coil. Can be said with certainty, biodegradable polymers is currently the world's most perfect beverage and coil packaging materials. FHOPE research and development team of technologists believe that bio-polymers, cheap raw materials resources, reduce emissions of organic pollutants in wastewater, reducing energy and resource consumption, effect of reducing greenhouse gas and increase the economic and social benefits of "five-in-one" innovative technologies and production processes, will further promote the sustainable development of green economy in the EU or the world.


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Fhope own capability to streamline your packaging process--providing seamless transfer of both physical coils and their accompanying coil data. For more information about steel coil packing solution you can click here

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