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Fhope Series: Automatic pallet stretch wrapping machine




Pallet Stretch Wrapper Features:
Fhope pallet stretch wrappers are available in a variety of designs, including turntable, rotary arm and orbital. By our stretch wrapper, weighing, labeling can be combined into one equipment. Integrat weighing scale and digital indicator with stretch wrapping machine turntable.
Fhope has standard type stretch wrapper in warehouse for dispatching and specialized in freedom design by custom operation requirement. 







Technical Data:


*Power voltage: 3.75KW

*Up-down motor power: 13r/min, and it’s adjustable

*Turntable speed: 3m/min

*Film carriage speed: 1500mm/1800mm

*Wrap height up to 2000mm

*Pallet size: 1400x1400mm

*Load weight up to 2000kg

*Soft start and soft stop

*Totally automatic

*Automatic film feeding and cutting

*PLC and touch screen are equipped.

*Pre-stretch device is optional.

*Magnetic controller is optional.


Look through the above details, you have found that automatic pallet stretch wrapper is so great to your company and enterprise. And, there is a brilliant magic character of automatic pallet stretch wrapper. It can be linked with your production line. Once your products are made, the automatic delivery line will delivered with constant speed to the pallet stretch wrapper. And the speed is changeable by adjusting the wheel tension. Automation makes your business successful and satisfied. What we are doing and have done is just to make you have more things and values. If you have any better and better idea or suggestion, please join us to improve together. 





 Other machines:

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Turntable pallet wrapping machine   

The pallet stretch wrapper can wrap both regular and irregular pallet loads. The loading capacities is up to 2000kg.We can offer the right system to fit your requirement.

  Rotate arm pallet wrapping machine   

It's the most efficiency rotate arm pallet wrapping machine in China. Various solutions: ring stretch wrapping machine, rotate wrapping machine...


 Pallet wrapping machine -A300

 Our sales, equipment service, customer service and engineer departments can help you to design the optimum protective pallet wrapping machine to replace the manual work.



It has said a lot of words about semi automatic turntable stretch wrapper, which has its own good characters. However, the automatic turntable stretch wrapper is more individual and convenient and can help you to add more values to you and your projects. Automation bring many benefits into your management and profits. High speed efficiency, labor cost, avoid accident, high output, good packaging appearance, reduce falling and crushing during transportation, standard stacking, all of those are good for your end users. If your customers are facing with choosing good package and bad package at supermarket, you must be regret to use pallet stretch wrapper.
We will take our professional team, more than 10,000 commissioning experience, to create pallet stretch wrapping equipment as your specification and packaging need.


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